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The Principle of Power, and The Power of Principle

April 29, 2022 (EIRNS)—Percy Bysshe Shelley, England In 1819:

An old, mad, blind, despised, and dying King;
Princes, the dregs of their dull race, who flow
Through public scorn,—mud from a muddy spring;
Rulers who neither see nor feel nor know,
But leechlike to their fainting country cling
Till they drop, blind in blood, without a blow. ...

The moral decadence and nihilism, like a fetid mud today coursing through the veins of the doomed trans-Atlantic system, should be properly identified, not as the identity of this or that nation—such as the United States, or even England—but, rather, as the dead hand pressed upon the brain and mind of the system of nations. By whom, and why? By a Dracula-like, “undead” financial oligarchy. Why? Because they are “racists”—a species of being, thought and action opposed to the human race, that is. The City of London and Wall Street, having decided to condemn as many as 6 billion people to the chopping block through the agency of the Four Horsemen—war, famine, disease, and pestilence (as in the pestilence of usury, and the semi-human locusts that purvey it)—are proceeding, in multiple ways, including the threat of thermonuclear war, with that policy.

The policy was announced in the immediate aftermath of the August pullout from Afghanistan (and the subsequent and now-ongoing execution of tens of thousands of women and children, by the same humanity-hating forces that purport to be concerned about Ukraine) at the COP26 “Save The Planet, Kill The People “ Summit. Radical environmentalists have no stomach to admit that they, and their Green New Deal, will never, in fact happen; it, and they were only a stalking horse for World War Three. The Greta Thunberg “Children’s Crusade,” including her silly appearances at the UN, has now given way to Sweden and Finland probably joining NATO, the Green Party in Germany leading the fight to re-engage Germany in full-scale combat with Russia for the first time since World War Two, and “green” Antony Blinken opining as to how Europe can take “this tremendous” opportunity to get really serious about climate change. (Apparently some people consider that conventional and thermonuclear war, because they will cleanse the planet of people, are green.)

In contrast, Jacques Cheminade’s Solidarity and Progress, LaRouche’s associate organization in France, announced yesterday that it will be running 12 candidates, in a joint effort with République Souveraine and possibly other forces, under the banner of the “Reason of the People,” with the objective of having 75 candidates altogether. Cheminade’s statement about this begins: “What is missing, is often much more important than what is being debated. This presidential campaign will thus have been marked by two absences: the political sovereignty of the people, and the fundamental interests of the nation. If we fail to take them into account, we will not be able to escape a time of uncertainty and institutional decomposition....”

Cheminade’s actions, and the actions of other international candidates, such as the American independent campaigns of Diane Sare for United States Senate in New York, and Joel Dejean for Congress in Texas’s 38th CD, defy the world-contagion, called “the defense of democracy” and “the coalition of the killing” that is, in reality, a drive for depopulation. It has revealed its true enthusiasm for killing as many human beings as possible anywhere on Earth, obscenely expressed, most recently, in the escalation of weapons shipments to Ukraine. Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Zakharova has pointed out that these arms are at this moment going into Ukraine, but will then be on their way everywhere. It is already conveniently admitted by the U.S. that “no one can trace the shipments” once they arrive, not only in Ukraine, but also through Ukraine. Since weapons in certain parts of the world represent a form of informal currency as much as a way of killing, they are likely to end up in many countries, including in Europe and in the United States, used in terrorist or other attacks.

The City of London does not care. Ukraine will die, as Libya died, as Afghanistan was left for dead, as Iraq was left destroyed, and Syria not only destroyed, but still occupied. Perhaps, as the British intelligence agent Edward Gibbon’s study of The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire shows, this is the purpose. Destruction through perpetual war is an imperial method of rule. As Lyndon LaRouche once pointed out, “The Roman Empire did not decay—it was Decay.”

NATO is to be the expression of that “Global Britain” for which the Americans are to perform the role of Persia to Britain’s Babylon. People like British Select Defense Committee chairman Tobias Ellwood condescendingly declare themselves the “vanguard” that can go it alone in order to force the Americans to follow their lead. The British are prepared to mobilize the last American “zombie” dollar for depopulation. Monetarism is their religion. People don’t matter, only the Empire. That is the religious content, the “spiritual organizing principle” of the present Crusade of the “Anglosphere,” “Oceania,” “Global Britain,” or what is best called “perfidious Albion.”

Against the perpetuation of the lethal pestilence of the oligarchy’s instigation of world war, which he had seen occur twice in his lifetime, Roosevelt, in 1942, called for the world’s peace to be protected by the “four policemen”—The United States, Britain, Russia and China—at the war’s conclusion. This was his notion (which changed somewhat over the war) of a potential post-war arrangement that would box in the dying imperial powers. (France would also be incorporated into the United Nations Security Council in 1945 as well.) What capacities did China and Russia have? Russia would lose 27 million people in the war, and China as many as 30 million more. China had barely come out of its “century of humiliation,” and the Soviet Union had existed only from 1917, but FDR recognized them as great nations, both because of their cultures and histories, and because of their economic potential. And FDR had, by this time, had his first run-ins with Churchill, and knew that the British, French, Portuguese, Dutch and Belgian empires would definitely have to be destroyed. FDR never lived to accomplish that task. Today, the undead outlook of that earlier imperial death-ambition, as expressed in Liz Truss’ ”The Return of Geopolitics!” outburst, is driving the world to the brink of thermonuclear extinction.

There was coverage of Alessia Ruggieri and Diane Sare in the Database Italia blog on April 28 by Schiller Institute New Security Architecture petition signer Luca La Bella. The article, “The End of NATO, Towards a New Anti-NWO Alliance,” also included coverage by our Italian organization of Xi Jinping’s announcement of his Global Security Initiative. Diane Sare’s appearance at a New York mosque yesterday before an audience of 1,700-2,000, and the campaign of Congressional candidate Joel Dejean in Texas, along with the petitioning process being carried out against the most-corrupt New York State “banana republic” electoral system, are forms of outreach intended to have the effect of doing what Cheminade indicated in his statement: “any human being who wants to fight for a better world must, despite his or her possible prejudices, listen to what the people want to say.... And in the world ... establish a new paradigm of mutual development against the financial oligarchy of the City [of London] and Wall Street, which have put their power before these subjects that the people want to prioritize”—health, purchasing power, education, unemployment to name a few.

As for the United States, Constitutional lawyer Bruce Fein stated in an article, “U.S. a ‘Co-Belligerent’ in Ukraine War, Legal Expert Says—U.S. and allies warned on ‘violations of a neutral’s duties of impartiality and non-participation in the conflict,’ ” that “Neutrality is violated by ... supplying warships, arms, ammunition, military provisions or other war materials, directly or indirectly, or supplying military advisers to a belligerent,” as the U.S. has done.

“Under the Declare War Clause of the constitution, co-belligerency, which displaces the status of the United States as neutral, requires a declaration of war by Congress.” Fein, who has spoken at Schiller Institute events in the past, in a private interview stated that, since the time of Vietnam, no one has successfully gotten a resolution to go to war through the Congress of the United States—and no one will. The American people would never vote for such wars.

Instead, the Congress of the United States has continuously abdicated its congressional duty, to be the sole body of government which authorizes war. Particularly since 9/11, the Executive branch, specifically through the form of the State Department, has usurped duties which rightly belong in the hands of the United States Senate. Government will not self-correct, and it will not be forced to carry out its duties properly, keeping the nation out of war in defense of the General Welfare, until the citizenry stops shirking its duty to enforce the law of the Constitution. Given the stakes now, which are ultimate, everyone has to ask himself or herself: “Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery?” Especially since you won’t get peace that way, anyway.

The nations of China and Russia, in multiple ways, have indicated that they have no intention to capitulate to a system that intends their doom, particularly if they do capitulate. Nations in Africa, Asia, and South America, are rallying in their direction. The new security and development architecture advocated by Helga Zepp-LaRouche, and its adoption as a mission by the citizens of the United States, in particular, may be the only way to return the soul of this nation to itself in time for its short-term, let alone its long-term survival.

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