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May 2, 2022 (EIRNS)—The world is divided into two groups, but not the usual right and left, nor democracy versus autocracy, nor other fairy tales. The division is, on one side we have Global NATO, which is bringing us to the point of nuclear annihilation, and/or mass famine. On the opposing side, we have those countries and peoples wishing to continue life, and advance. Apart from these sides, there is a large contingent in the dark—they know nothing of what is really going on, thanks to the deliberate media blackout. And millions of poor souls are struggling to survive.

Helga Zepp-LaRouche, founder and leader of the Schiller Institute, described our present international situation this way today, adding, among other points, that there are new voices sounding the alarm about the danger. In the United States on May 1, the Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS) issued an Memorandum to President Biden, warning of the danger of nuclear war. Among the 21 signers are many prominent activist analysts, including, for example, Col. Richard Black (ret.) , whose April 26 video interview with the Schiller Institute is getting thousands of views. In Europe, after Chancellor Olaf Scholz did a reversal last week, of his nation’s stance on sending heavy weapons to Ukraine, a joint letter by 28 German artists protesting his decision, got 140,000 digital signatures over the weekend. There are other instances of activation in the face of the grim reality,

Zepp-LaRouche, noting that all this is “very useful,” stressed that what is needed is engaging people in how to get out of the dynamic of geopolitical confrontation altogether. This is the principle behind the petition drive and dialogue process of the Schiller Institute, whose last conference April 9, was the embodiment of leaders from diverse nations and outlooks, working together towards a common interest resolution of the crisis, by looking ahead to form, as the conference title said, “A New Security and Development Architecture for All Nations.”

Lifting our efforts to this level involves conveying the truth to people, against extreme pressure. If you so much as say, for example, that there is a “pre-history” to Russia’s Feb. 24 military deployment into Ukraine, you are in trouble—censored, and far worse. The information-warfare machine dictates that you must use the adjective, Russia’s “unprovoked” action. Zepp-LaRouche has commissioned a chronology of the Global NATO operations—date, time, place and documentation from non-Russian sources, that created the pre-conditions for today’s crisis.

Another key truth is that it is an evil lie that “limited nuclear war is winnable.” As expert Ted Postol, MIT Professor Emeritus, points out, the “logic” involved in using nuclear weapons is that when one is used, this leads to all being used, and annihilation. Yet, under global information-warfare, the discussion of how to use “tactical” nukes is encouraged.

Zepp-LaRouche, summed up the situation of the two sides in the world, saying that, “What is at stake is the existence of civilization.” In Congress, the level of corruption and insanity has dropped to the low stage where Illinois Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R) has introduced legislation to approve the U.S. sending troops to Ukraine, as a standby for when President Biden needs it, if Russia does a bio- or chemical-weapon attack, Kinzinger says.

But on the side of the sane and good, there is a massive realignment underway internationally, away from the Global NATO bloc, despite fierce pressure. This is evident in Africa, Asia and parts of Ibero-America. Look at India. A stream of Global NATO nabobs has gone to New Delhi in recent times, including European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, and Victoria Nuland, to bully India into denouncing and breaking with Russia, but to no avail.

Today in Berlin, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi had a press conference with Chancellor Scholz, after their meeting, and first reports are that there was a clash of international outlook expressed between the two. Modi spoke of the need for dialogue and resolution in Ukraine, Scholz demanded more weapons to Ukraine to defeat Russia.

The Schiller Institute’s next online dialogue is May 7, geared to youth internationally. Find the Invitation posted to the Schiller Institute website, and join the mobilization.

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