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China Affirms Energy Stability amidst Global Price Increases

May 8, 2022 (EIRNS)—China Daily reported that in the face of increasing economic and energy supply instabilities, China has assured its population (and the world) that it is capable of sustaining a stable energy supply into the future. “Despite the external pressure, China still possesses the capability to guarantee a secure, reliable and stable supply of energy,” said Fu Linghui, a spokesperson with the National Bureau of Statistics.

“For now, coal still serves as the major energy pillar in China, and will still guarantee the country’s energy and power security for some time as the country has sufficient coal resources,” said Yu Bing, deputy head of the National Energy Administration. “Last year, coal produced 60% of the country’s electricity with an installed capacity of less than 50%,” Yu said.

To ensure this year’s coal supply, the country will strive to increase coal production capacity by 300 million tons by approving higher production capacity, expanding output and putting new projects into operation. They plan on a robust mix of energy production, including investing into developing cleaner coal production, and renewable energy sources, and to ensure “absolute security,” they have recently approved new generating units at three nuclear power stations.

(Richard Freeman’s report in EIR for Aug. 6, 2021, details China’s leadership in advanced clean-coal technologies; a forthcoming report by Schiller Institute representative at the United Nations Richard A. Black will locate them in the context of China’s energy and economic security strategy in the face of the trans-Atlantic’s self-induced economic collapse.)

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