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Over 1 Million Attend Moscow’s ‘Immortal Regiment’ Celebration

May 10, 2022 (EIRNS)—As part of Russia’s national celebration of their central role in vanquishing the Nazi threat, families display photos of their relative, 1 of the 27 million Russians who lost their lives in World War II. Since that death total in the 1940s represented about one in every six people, very few families were left untouched. Yesterday, according to Russia’s Interior Ministry, over 1 million people turned out in Moscow’s Red Square, helping to keep Russia’s “Immortal Regiment” alive and on the move. There were similar regiments appearing throughout the country, with over 200,000 in Novosibirsk and over 100,000 in Siberia’s Omsk. In Moscow, hundreds of thousands also took part in the miles-long procession through the city center to Red Square.

In Israel, a remnant of surviving, World War II Jewish war veterans gathered at the Herzl Memorial to the Second World War. As President Vladimir Putin reminded Prime Minister Naftali Bennett the other day, over 2 million of the Jews that the Nazis slaughtered were Russians. Unfortunately, Israeli veterans’ groups in various parts of the country generally refrained from their normal public celebrations—not from any change of heart, but, as they reported, from concern that their public presence might bring assaults down upon them.

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