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Will U.S. Use Australia for Proxy War against China?

May 14, 2022 (EIRNS)—Former Australian Ambassador John Lander was interviewed for a second time by the Australian Citizens Party’s Robbie Barwick on April 29, on the Australian madness of preparing for war with China on behalf of their U.S. and British masters. Lander was Ambassador to Iran and Deputy Ambassador to China, and continued his connections in China after leaving the foreign service.

Lander quoted Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison ranting about an “arch of autocracy,” and that the Solomon Islands’ security agreement with China is a threat to Australian security, a “red line” for the U.S. and Australia. The security agreement, signed in April, was negotiated after riots in November, sparked by Solomon Islands’ Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare switching his country’s recognition of China from Taiwan to Beijing, left four dead and destroyed much of the capital city, including many Chinese-owned businesses. Sogavare insists there is no mention of Chinese military bases, only that Chinese police can help in any future further riots.

Lander said Australia, under U.S. control, treated the Pacific islands as colonies. China, he said, has no aggressive intentions around the world, while the U.S./NATO wars have killed millions and driven millions out of their countries as refugees, only to be treated as criminals when they came to Australia. Morrison at first supported China’s Belt and Road Initiative, then was instructed by Washington to denounce it and pull out, then joining AUKUS (Australia-U.K.-U.S. military pact), which is providing offensive weapons—not defensive—to Australia to fight wars in Asia as part of “Global NATO.”

The intention, Lander says, is to stir up hatred against China in the tradition of the racist “yellow peril” tradition of the British Empire.

Robbie Barwick’s two interviews with Ambassador John Lander are posted on YouTube, part 1 and part 2.

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