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American ‘Gods of Olympus’ Issue Orders for War and Destruction; BRICS Mobilize for Humanity

May 20, 2022 (EIRNS)—There is mounting evidence of the truth of Helga Zepp-LaRouche’s warning that we are living in the moment of the “greatest danger in human history.” The world is clearly divided into two diametrically opposed forces. They can be described in various ways: The Anglo-American oligarchs, trying to save a bankrupt financial system which is wallowing in a swamp of unpayable debt of approximately $2 quadrillion, like to refer to the divide as “the democracies vs the autocracies.” Helga Zepp-LaRouche recently noted that it actually lines up as the former colonial masters vs their former colonies, although Russia is in neither category. A meeting of the BRICS Foreign Ministers on Thursday May 19 posed it somewhat differently: The U.S. does not represent the interests of the developing nations, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi told the meeting, “but the BRICS speaks for a large number of developing countries, representing 40% of the world’s population and 20% of global GDP. It is therefore well situated to represent the interests of emerging economies.” Demonstrating this was the attendance at the associated meeting of the “BRICS PLUS” of Argentina, Egypt, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Nigeria, U.A.E., Saudi Arabia, Senegal and Thailand.

In this light, it is worth repeating for the benefit of the dying breed of Western oligarchs, ranting about their “rules-based order,” that not a single country of the Global South has supported the Anglo-American sanctions regime against Russia. Those supporting them include only the English-speaking union of the “Five Eyes,” their assets in Europe, and, in Asia, only South Korea, Japan and Singapore—i.e., no African nations, no Ibero-American nations, and only the three named Asian countries. The Global South is far more interested in the development orientation of the Belt and Road Initiative than in the insane drive for global war by the trans-Atlantic cartel.

This cartel still believes that these would-be Gods of Olympus rule over the human Untermenschen, who must respond to their every command and accept their words as Truth. Speaking at a UN Security Council meeting this week on the global food crisis, Secretary of State Tony Blinken spoke for these fake gods, perhaps not noticing that Mount Olympus is crumbling under his feet. Blinken blamed every problem in the world on Russia, Russia, Russia, who, he says, is starving the world, using starvation as a tool of war on humanity, committing war crimes and crimes against humanity, blocking the Ukraine ports, and on and on.

However, the Russian Ambassador to the UN Vassily Nebenzia responded with a strong dose of reality, and with the necessary irony. Nebenzia called Blinken’s accusations “absolutely deceitful.” In fact, he argued, the U.S. determination to “break the backbone” of the Russian economy through sanctions and the proxy war in Ukraine reveals only “this obsessive desire of yours to shoot yourselves in the leg—or rather both legs,” destroying the Western economies at an escalating rate, “which you will have to explain to your taxpayers and voters.” He added: “You are literally holding the whole developing world as hostage, driving it towards famine. Whatever you may be saying, it is you and only you who can change this.”

The Ambassador notes that Russia, subjected to 10,000 sanctions, nonetheless will have a record wheat crop—25 million tons available for export beginning on Aug. 1 through the end of the year through the Novorossiysk port, with potential fertilizer exports of 22 million tons. “But if you don’t want to lift your sanctions of choice, why do you blame us for the food crisis? Why must the poorest countries and regions suffer from those irresponsible geopolitical games of yours?”

The Schiller Institute is holding two international meetings next week to address the madness of the provocations of Russia and China by “Global NATO,” threatening a near-term nuclear confrontation which could annihilate the human race. The Swedish and Danish chapters of the Schiller Institute will sponsor an event titled “We Need a New Security and Development Architecture for All Nations, Not a Strengthening of Geopolitical Blocs” on Wednesday May 25, and on Thursday May 26 Col. Richard Black, former CIA analyst Ray McGovern, Helga Zepp-LaRouche and one or more European retired generals will speak: “U.S. and European Military and Security Experts Warn: The Insanity of Politicians Threatens Nuclear War.

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