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The Lies Are Exposed: The Ukrainian Military Is Riddled with Nazis

May 22, 2022 (EIRNS)—The surrender of Azov Regiment and other Ukrainian military to Russia at Mariupol has blown up two big lies of Azov, the government of Ukraine, NATO, and those who insist on arming them to the teeth with no limit.

First Lie, “The Russian Army is dominated by blood lust and will murder every prisoner they take.” Thousands of Azov and other Ukrainian soldiers were peacefully released into Russian captivity. It is true that Russia reserves the right to investigate and prosecute crimes, but there have been no massacres of prisoners.

Second Lie, “The Ukrainian Army, and by implication, the Ukrainian government form the world’s leading democracy.” In reality, RT and Novosti videos of the captured Ukrainian Azov Battalion and associated irregulars show them parading without shame the tattoos of their Nazi heroes. RT’s embedded reporter in Mariupol describes the “fetishism” with Nazi paraphernalia, even SS uniforms from the 1940s, 1940s’ photos showing the SS death’s head, and then their own tattoos of the same.

These “heroes,” as the butcher of Iraq, George W. Bush, calls them, are adorned head to toe with likenesses of Hitler, Stepan Bandera, and other genocidalists—as well as swastikas and sonnenrad. Virtually all of the United States Congress and all of the officials of the Biden-Harris Presidency honor the Nazis of Ukraine as heroes, and loudly denounce the reports of Nazism as “Russian propaganda.” However, the video will show you enough of Hitler and Bandera tattoos, Black Suns, Wolfsangels, and other Nazi emblems to make the case.

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