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Economic Development Is the Name of Peace

May 25, 2022 (EIRNS)—Economic development is the name of peace—and security, and human rights. Therefore, the Four Laws of Lyndon LaRouche, taken as a whole, is the complex yet fully graspable path forward. Pretending that credit generation works without a fusion- and plasma-physics-based economy, or that credit generation works outside of the sovereign, cultural capacities of nations, or that such a creative approach could work without necessary prophylactics against cancerous speculative practices, all are simply outside those Four Laws. How has that been working? Such omissions have left the world staring into the jaws of hell, playing a nuclear chicken game, with adults acting as careless children playing with matches. How is that insanity different from a fantasy-ridden youth turning 18, and blowing away a bunch of elementary school children, a perverse attempt to leave one’s mark on the world?

Helga Zepp-LaRouche proved, quite succinctly, at the Danish/Swedish Schiller Institute seminar, “We Need a New Security And Development Architecture for All Nations, Not a Strengthening of Geopolitical Blocs”), that the human mind and personality are fully capable of both an honest evaluation of the hell that we’ve come to, and forging a path out of disaster and toward a worthy future, an honorable future, a beautiful future. Such a demonstration should happen every day. So quickly digest her strategic overview, provided below, and show a kindness to a friend or a stranger, by linking them to the May 26 seminar: “U.S. and European Military and Security Experts Warn: The Insanity of Politicians Threatens Nuclear War.”

Sure, it’s a scary world. George Soros emerged at Davos to chastise the “engage Putin in a prolonged war” gang. For the senile old fool, Mother Nature can’t waste time playing such games with Putin. He must be defeated immediately, lest global warming end us all. (One can only suspect his urgency has more to do with a short fuse on derivatives.) However, Mariupol is cleared of all mines and the port is now open. China leaders had a non-insane discussion with that rare bird, an international human rights official (Chile’s former President Michelle Bachelet) who actually admires poverty elimination and agrees that economic development is a human right. Certainly, it was more than enough to provoke Adrian “I never met a lie about China that I didn’t love” Zenz (along with his promoters amongst those intelligence hacks who made their careers as knee-jerk “anti-commies”) to time their latest anti-China tirade, attempting to drown out a conversation that they simply can’t afford to be heard. So, it is possible for there to be an outbreak of common sense.

Start with today’s event, and resolve that you can make your every day at least as human as today. It beats cursing the darkness.

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