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Lavrov Lets Loose Against the West’s ‘Modern Version of European Colonialism’

May 28, 2022 (EIRNS)—In an interview with RT Arabic on May 25, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov presented a systematic attack on the outlook of nations in the West that have led to the all-points assault against Russia. The extensive interview is published in full on the ministry’s website.

“We know that our Western friends have many phobias, many complexes. They have a superiority complex, the infallibility complex, and I believe they also have some paranoia.... Any process that does not include the West, which the West does not control, they perceive as opposition, a challenge to their dominance.... It’s high time for them to kick this habit,”

Lavrov stated.

“The insolence of the Anglo-Saxon alliance has no bounds, and we find confirmation of that every day. The West sends its envoys and emissaries every day to every capital without exception ... to deliver ultimatums and to blackmail.” Most of the world is not capitulating to those threats, he stated. Speaking of most of the states in Asia, Africa and Latin America, Lavrov said: “Those nations don’t want to compromise their national dignity and run around as servant boys doing the chores on behalf of [the West].”

The West’s attitude, “is nothing new and is the modern version of European colonialism.... That’s the mentality of the Western states. They believe their security depends on the entire world and that thus they should rule the world.”

Lavrov added that the Ukraine crisis has the same roots, which is a Western disregard of Russian national security, Lavrov said. It simply ignored for decades Moscow’s objections to the enlargement of NATO in Europe, pushing Moscow towards the military option to curb the threat, he said.

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