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Lavrov Maintains Russia Is Under Sanctions Because It Is an Obstacle to the Unipolar World

May 30, 2022 (EIRNS)—In a lengthy interview with France’s TF1 television channel on Sunday, May 29, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov cut to the chase on how and why Western economic and diplomatic sanctions were imposed on Russia:

“These sanctions, which are more like hysterics (or even agony, I’d say), were initiated by the West. The speed with which they were introduced and the number of them show that they were not compiled overnight. They were being drafted for some time, and they will not likely be lifted.

“At any rate, the United States is telling its allies, albeit not in public, that the sanctions will remain even after all this ends. This is not just about Ukraine, which is just an instrument and a bargaining chip. The real objective is to contain Russia’s development. Russia is preventing the West from maintaining a unipolar world, something that Washington has announced with Europe’s submissive approval.”

Speaking to his French audience, he added: “What geopolitical benefits can Europe gain in this situation? I don’t know. Political analysts write that Europe is the main loser in terms of future development.”

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