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‘NATO Remains an Imperial Anachronism’ Writes Schiller Institute’s Stephan Ossenkopp in China Daily

June 2, 2022 (EIRNS)—China Daily published an op-ed by Schiller Institute analyst Stephan Ossenkopp today. His column, “NATO Remains an Imperial Anachronism,” points to the applications of Sweden and Finland to join NATO as being “yet another staged provocation against Russia.” Ossenkopp quotes U.S. President Joe Biden as saying that the renewed NATO would have the clarity and conviction to lead the world. “But where is NATO supposed to lead the world?”

Ostensibly a defensive alliance, NATO was created six years before the Warsaw Pact, but was supposed to defend against it. It was created a few years after Winston Churchill’s March 5, 1946 “Iron Curtain” speech in Fulton, Missouri, where the British leader called for militarizing the United Nations! “The United Nations Organization must immediately begin to be equipped with an international armed force,” to be placed under the control of a “world organization,” doubtless to be dominated by “English-speaking Commonwealths  ... added to that of the United States.” “Neither the sure prevention of war, nor the continuous rise of world organization will be gained without what I have called the fraternal association of the English-speaking peoples. This means a special relationship between the British Commonwealth and Empire and the United States.”

The UN was not militarized as Churchill wished, but NATO was created in 1949. With the accession of West Germany in 1955, the Soviet Union formed the Warsaw Pact.

“The subsequent NATO expansion in six waves, if you count the bids of Finland and Sweden, and the aggressive and reckless pursuit of NATO’s ultimate purpose, Anglo-American dominance over the world, have brought us to the brink of World War III today,” writes Ossenkopp.

“Ukraine’s aspired NATO membership, sought since 2008, and the long-running arming of radical anti-Russian Ukrainian militias is just one of the many red lines NATO has crossed....

“NATO ... is an imperial anachronism whose ‘divide and rule’ methods pose life-threatening dangers to humankind. A complete annulment of NATO and the establishment of a global security architecture, that meets the security and development interests of all countries of the world, has become a matter of humankind’s survival,”

he concludes.

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