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Russia Ready To Deliver Grain To International Markets

June 3, 2022 (EIRNS)—Dmitry Medvedev, the deputy secretary of the Russian Security Council, told Al Jazeera TV (in Arabic) in an interview that Russia is ready to deliver its grain to international markets, but it needs to make sure that it will not be seized as part of anti-Russian sanctions. “They [Western countries] want us to export wheat, for example, so that they could arrest it afterwards, or what?” Medvedev was quoted by TASS as saying, describing this scenario as “impossible.” He argued that the global food situation has worsened “as a result of sanctions imposed by the Western world.”

“They tell us to ‘go ahead and export,’ but, at the same time, our ... commercial ships are not being serviced, and attempts are being made to seize our property,” the Russian official continued. “The question is how we are going to transport it and whether it will be affected by sanctions. So, in this case, the ball is in their court now, in the West’s court,” Medvedev said.

“In order to improve food security worldwide, to optimize the food situation, we need to renounce mutual sanctions, and prices will start to decline,” Medvedev continued.

“This is lies,” Medvedev replied when asked to comment on Western attempts to blame the food crisis on Russia. “The food situation on the planet started to worsen about five or seven years ago,” he explained. “This was due to many reasons—macroeconomic miscalculations, bad harvests, droughts, climate changes, decisions made by some governments that sometimes were not quite right. This was when it all began.”

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