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Russian Duma Has Invited Victoria Nuland To Explain U.S. Biological Labs in Ukraine

June 4, 2022 (EIRNS)—The Russian State Duma has extended an invitation to U.S. Undersecretary of State Victoria Nuland to come to Moscow and explain the U.S. military biological project in Ukraine, though they don’t expect her to appear. “The Parliamentary Commission decided to invite Victoria Nuland within the framework of a parliamentary investigation: on May 25, through diplomatic channels, she was given an official invitation to a meeting of the Commission to answer questions about the activities of the U.S. military biological laboratories in Ukraine,” said Deputy Chairwoman of the State Duma Irina Yarovaya, reported a press release posted on the State Duma website yesterday. Yarovaya indicated that “ignoring the invitation of the Parliamentary Commission and refusing to provide the information necessary for the investigation could be considered as confirmation of the facts of the nefarious activities of the U.S. government agencies by creating and using biological laboratories on the territory of Ukraine,” and that will be reflected in the final report.

Yarovaya remarked that it had been ten days since the invitation was sent and still no answer from the U.S. side which “reveals the true dangerous nature of the entire U.S. military project on biological laboratories.” U.S. strategy in matters of global security, she went on, “has repeatedly had irreversible consequences for different countries. What the United States is preparing for the world this time in its military laboratories is not a rhetorical question, but a vital one.”

The Commission “does not expect to obtain confessions from Victoria Nuland or the Pentagon,” Yarovaya said. “But it is obvious that the whole world should be interested in preventing the viral and pathogenic invasion by the United States into the activities of other countries and nations.”

Vladimir Yermakov, the Director of the Foreign Ministry’s Department for Non-Proliferation and Arms Control, told TASS on May 28 that Russia intends to raise the issue of U.S. military-biological activities in Ukraine at open meetings in the UN Security Council in the near future. “We plan to finish preparing materials in the near future and initiate activities at the Biological Weapons Convention and UN Security Council platforms. The relevant meetings will be open,” he said. “We will demand that the United States and its allies provide comprehensive explanations, information and documents on such activity on Ukrainian territory, instead of the previous empty excuses, in order to resolve all issues, and also return to the proper implementation of the Biological Weapons Convention.”

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