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A New Security/Development Architecture: the Jubilee Year of LaRouche and Lincoln, Not Queen Liz

June 3, 2022 (EIRNS)— Whether it is Robert Habeck, the Economics Minister of Germany, Mario Draghi, the banker busboy from the Britannia royal yacht, “Clueless Joe “ Biden, Boris Johnson, Scholz, Macron, or any of the nearly interchangeable Janet Yellens, Ursula von der Leyens, Christine Lagardes, pick any member you wish of the “governing-managerial class” and you will find them either helplessly or intentionally worsening whatever condition they claim to be improving in every field, in every way. They were, of course, picked to govern precisely because they are either incapable of actually doing so, or are seeking promotion to an inner circle, like the Queen’s privy poodle, Tony Blair, by consciously dismantling government through war or other means. Particularly since September 11, 2001, government is being eliminated to pave the way for a Malthusian “great kill” known as the “Great Reset.” Those that pick the pseudo-managers, such as the “golden cow” idol being worshiped this weekend for her 70th anniversary on the British throne, think, as Rome’s Julian the Apostate thought: “I am God, and Queen, and Law.”

These imperial apparatchiks cannot conceptualize that the majority of the human race have already walked away from them. They believe that “I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds” is an ultimate disciplinary threat, a thermonuclear club to be wielded over the heads of 6 billion people, who will in any case be destroyed, whether by poverty, disease, famine or war, as soon as the opportunity presents itself, in a “great kill.” The Feb. 4 agreement between China and Russia, however, is a specific expression of a “declaration of independence” from the planetary self-destruction now demanded by the hopelessly bankrupt monetary system that is the scepter of the financial oligarchy’s infernal power.

Some less brain-dead members of the Western “once-elite” are attempting to reverse their rampant self-destruction. On June 1, a virtual seminar on the future of U.S.-China relations was held, and posted on CGTN. “The future of China-U.S. relations is in the spotlight. Will it be pragmatism or acrimony that benefits all in a turbulent world? Former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi shed light on the ties at a seminar on China-U.S. relations.” Noam Chomsky has given a partially sensible Truthout interview, titled “Chomsky: We Must Insist That Nuclear Warfare Is an Unthinkable Policy.”

Against this, truth, not mere pragmatism, deployed by a small but committed force of philosophes—“lovers of the truth”—is, as Plato’s Socratic faction proved, the most powerful force in the universe. The science of Physical Economy asserts that the discovery and invention of new physical principles through critical experiments, successfully replicated and deployed to positively transform mankind’s productive relationship to all nature, including human nature itself, increases the capacity and richness of all forms of life. In this way, the noosphere improves the biosphere’s dominance of the geosphere; the noosphere becomes the platform for not only planetary, but extraterrestrial general evolution.

The 2020 RAND Corporation’s document, by its very title, “Whose Story Wins: Rise of the Noosphere, Noopolitik, and Information-Age Statecraft,” is a clumsy, loutish attempt to suppress both the serious study of the work of the great Ukrainian-Russian scientist Vladimir Vernadsky and his idea of the noosphere, and of the role of economist Lyndon LaRouche (named disparagingly in the RAND report) in connecting, from 1975 on, the work of Vernadsky to the science of physical economy. This gets us closer to what the real concern is of “the people giving the orders.” The millennia-old outlook of the Platonic “city-builders” as expressed by LaRouche in the World Land-Bridge, is a realization of the principle of the Republic as expressed in the United States Constitution—something the British Crown completely opposes, but cannot actually prevent. As Henry Kissinger once said, the ideas of Lyndon LaRouche, if a full-blown economic crisis emerges, would prove to be particularly dangerous. Kissinger understood that LaRouche’s economic ideas are infectious, because they work, and under certain conditions, they would become an irresistible force, if properly presented.

It is unfortunate for the New Cold Warriors of the “Aquarian-Utopian ‘Great Reset’ ” persuasion that reality has already defeated them on the multiple battlefields of their choosing.

Everything that these forces attempt will produce an effect opposite to that which they publicly espouse, leaving them extremely politically vulnerable. The reality of the war in Eastern Ukraine; the boomerang effect of the silly sanctions policy (against not only Russia, but the Belt and Road nations) on the economics and populations of Europe and the Americas; the inadvertent, or intentional creation of the conditions for the spread of a Bubonic-plague-lethal pandemic that would wipe out, not first China and Russia, but the trans-Atlantic world itself, all point to the awesome truth of the admonition, “whom the gods would destroy, they first drive mad.”

The attacks in the past days against Helga Zepp-LaRouche, Ray McGovern, Col. Richard Black and Harley Schlanger, along with elliptical allusions to “crazy like LaRouche” factions in the Republican Party by left-wing-nuts like the Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin, are emanating, not merely from the Center for Countering Disinformation of Ukraine, but from the NATO circles that are the “jackals” forward-deployment of the “economic hit-men” that, 30 years ago, were assembled on the Britannia royal yacht of Queen Elizabeth to plot the post-Soviet Union destruction of Europe. “Super-Mario” Draghi’s career, like that of Hjalmar Schacht, was spawned in the womb of Perfidious Albion. The Queen herself, as in the case of Germany’s “Commander of the British Empire” Hans Joachim “John” Schellnhuber, who spoke at Copenhagen 2009 about the planet having a “billion person carrying capacity” has on occasion personally deployed, Grand Inquisitor-style, for the greater glory of the British Empire, now referred to as “Global Britain,” “the Anglosphere,” etc.

But the 97-year-old Queen and her 70-year reign is a relic from an age that, as the nations of Africa and Asia will gladly tell anyone, has long since passed. “A mad, old, diseased and dying empire” should not be commemorated, but buried. In this Centennial of LaRouche, and of the Lincoln remembered through the 1922 opening of the Lincoln Memorial, a new security and development architecture, not the vampire-like “Global Britain” desecration, is the consummation of humanity’s nobler efforts, not only devoutly to be wished, but accomplished.

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