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Is World War III Already Underway?

June 4, 2022 (EIRNS)—“Is a Third World War possible? Perhaps it is already underway?” Maria Zakharova, the spokesperson for the Russian Foreign Ministry, opened her response to a question at her Friday press conference with these spine-chilling retorts, observing that they are now being openly discussed around the world. It is relevant that the EIR/Schiller Institute April 26 interview with Col. Richard Black (ret.), under the title “U.S. Leading World to Nuclear War,” has over 750,000 views in English, German, French, Portuguese, and Spanish, and that the NATO Center for Countering Disinformation in Ukraine was compelled to attack it, calling it “Russian disinformation,” as they also attacked the Schiller Institute and its founder Helga Zepp-LaRouche.

How could one not ask such a question about World War III, as the U.S. and the British send ever expanding quantities long-range missiles into Ukraine, to continue the eight-year war waged by the puppet regime in Kyiv upon its own citizens, those who happen to speak Russian, and who refused to capitulate to the neo-Nazi coup carried out against the democratically elected government in 2014?

The key henchman for the Obama-Biden Administration in that violent coup, Victoria Nuland, who brazenly plotted with U.S. Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt in Kyiv to decide who would be placed into power, recently admitted in a Congressional hearing that the U.S. set up several biological weapons labs across Ukraine following their successful regime-change operation. Now, the Russian Duma has invited Ms. Nuland to testify before their parliamentary investigation into this war crime, noting in a statement that ignoring the invitation “could be considered as confirmation of the facts of the nefarious activities of the U.S. government agencies by creating and using biological laboratories on the territory of Ukraine.... What the United States is preparing for the world this time in its military laboratories is not a rhetorical question, but a vital one.”

Does the fact that EIR, the Schiller Institute, and The LaRouche Organization are informing the world, through international conferences, articles and videos, on the nuclear war plans by London and Washington, and reporting the warnings and pleas for sanity coming from Russia (and China and many other countries around the world), does this make us “spokesmen for Russia” or “Putin’s puppets,” as the various “Disinformation” agencies like to claim? Quite the opposite. As great Americans throughout our history, from Ben Franklin, John Quincy Adams, Abe Lincoln, John Kennedy, and Lyndon LaRouche have always insisted, America is truly American only when it represents and acts on behalf of the human race as a whole. Our many wars against the British Empire and the evil forces created by that Empire—including Nazi Germany and militarist Japan in World War II—were always fought on behalf on humanity, intent on defeating the power of Empire. As with FDR, defeating that evil depended on close cooperation with the great civilizations of Eurasia, and emphatically with Russia and China. The same cooperation, in league with the nations of Africa, Ibero-America and the Global South, is required today to finally finish the job of ending Empire once and for all, creating a new paradigm which provides security and development for all nations.

The Schiller Institute conference to be held on June 18-19 will address not only the danger of nuclear war—identified by Helga Zepp-LaRouche as perhaps the greatest moment of danger in human history—but even more importantly the cause of that onrushing war: the utter collapse of the Western dollar-based financial system. There is no cure for that system’s breakdown into hyperinflationary chaos, threatening every nation on Earth—only an entirely new system, a New Bretton Woods including all nations, will suffice. Pathetic Joe Biden tried to assure the nation that he will cure inflation and restore the economy—hold your breath—by allowing free rein to the Federal Reserve, the home of the international bankers from the City of London and Wall Street who created the nearly $2 quadrillion in speculative debt which now sucks the blood out of the real economy. Those bankers are using the wars and their Green New Deal to divert the world’s credit into two, and only two, directions: bailing out the debt, and the military-industrial complex. That is the reason for the title of the upcoming Schiller Institute conference: “There Can Be No Peace Without the Bankruptcy Reorganization of the Dying Trans-Atlantic Financial System.”

Just days after this conference, NATO will hold its 2022 Summit in Madrid, to lay plans for its openly declared intent to destroy Russia, as well as China, to prevent any viable alternative to its fascist de-industrialization, mass starvation, and depopulation (all blamed on Putin, of course). As the Deputy Director General of the British Empire’s leading defense think tank, the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI), Malcolm Chalmers argued in his May 15 Financial Times article “Crimea Could Be Putin’s Tipping Point in a Game of Nuclear Chicken,” provoking a nuclear showdown with Russia “could make it easier for leaders to make difficult compromises,” referring in particular to forcing Russia out of Crimea.

The citizens of the United States, the U.K., Canada, Australia and New Zealand, known as the “Five Eyes” nations, as well as those of the EU, are increasingly aware that something is terribly wrong in the world, but most have no idea how to end the madness. Lyndon LaRouche warned of this precise descent into economic and strategic chaos in 1971, when Richard Nixon took the dollar off gold, beginning the demise of the American System of Physical Economy and welcoming in the British speculative system. He presented the necessary solutions at that time, which can only be implemented on a global scale, through a new Peace of Westphalia, and his Four Laws. He also said the citizens of the world would not easily listen to his warnings nor to his solutions—not until the forecasted disaster hits, as it is now. Then he said, people will look to see who has been telling the truth all along.

This is that moment of truth. Join us for the June 18-19 Schiller Institute Conference.

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