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Now We Can Take the World Economy Back from Wall Street and London

June 5, 2022 (EIRNS)—The LaRouche movement has won two major victories: Well over 700,000 views for an American military and political leader warning the world how near NATO has brought it to nuclear annihilation; well over 45,000 signatures secured for a U.S. Senate candidate who has told New Yorkers and other Americans the LaRouche “Four Laws” truth about the crisis of hyperinflation and collapsing production. On June 3 Russian President Vladimir Putin added a third victory. He used a national television interview to present a true explanation of causes of the hyperinflationary blowout, completely coherent with the truth spread by this movement—in the same way that China’s 2013 Belt and Road Initiative was completely coherent with Lyndon LaRouche’s proposed World Land-Bridge.

Retired Army Col. Richard Black’s interview with EIR on NATO’s mass-suicidal course has undoubtedly had many more than its 700,000-plus YouTube views as it is continuously being reposted on websites around Europe, South America, and South Asia, and short, salient excerpts of it now also have tens of thousands each. His point, that NATO must give way to a negotiated end to the Ukraine war, has been more and more echoed by political, religious and intellectual leaders all over Europe’s NATO members.

New York Senate candidate Diane Sare, running against “Killer Chuck” Schumer as he styles himself, has gone further, insisting that peace must come with agreements for a new international system of credit and economic development. When she announced her independent campaign had actually met New York’s new and intentionally impossible ballot requirements, Sare said “We did not allow arbitrary new rules of an arrogant, self-defined oligarchy be used to silence people, at a moment when we are facing deadly hyperinflation and possible thermonuclear war.” And her statement spelled out LaRouche’s actions to get the world economy back, his “Four Laws” beginning with Glass-Steagall bank reorganization and Hamiltonian national banks in every nation.

Putin on June 3 put out the actual causes of the global hyperinflationary crisis as LaRouche activists have discussed them with Russian representatives for several years. First, the “monetary authorities”—central banks and treasuries—of America, Europe and Japan have printed incredible volumes of money supply since the end of 2019, leaping up even faster than new debt. Second, the so-called “Green New Deal” has contracted production by stopping investment in the entire range of fossil fuels and carbon-intensive industries, and building instead “renewable” power sources that don’t work.

The truth will out, and Russia’s Putin has spelled it out at a time when American and European NATO leaders are showing contempt for their people’s economic suffering, simply telling them outrageous lies about the ravages of inflation, food shortages, energy and power shortages.

Now the situation must go in the direction Sare’s campaign is taking it—to the solution. “There Can Be No Peace without the Bankruptcy Reorganization of the Dying Trans-Atlantic Financial System” is the title of the Schiller Institute’s next historic, two-day international conference June 18 and 19. The series of Schiller Institute conferences since late 2021, based on a worldwide petition launched then, has changed world leaders’ and activists’ awareness of the stakes of peace or extinction. But the economic breakdown must be solved and reversed.

All the thousands who have signed the petition, “Convoke an International Conference for a New Security and Development Architecture for All Nations,” should be circulating it. And register here for the crucial June 18-19 conference.

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