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Lavrov Takes on ‘Brussels Puppet Masters’ for Blocking His Flight to Serbia

June 7, 2022 (EIRNS)—During an online press conference yesterday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov blasted the “Brussels puppet masters” for their unwillingness to give Russia a forum in Belgrade to lay out its views on some regional issues.  “We planned to discuss a broad agenda, including the rapidly expanding bilateral strategic partnership and international affairs. Clearly, the Brussels puppeteers were not comfortable with providing us with a platform in the capital of Serbia where we could confirm Russia's position on Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina,” he said.

Earlier in his opening remarks, Lavrov stated:

“A sovereign state has been deprived of the right to carry out its foreign policy. At the moment, Serbia's international activities, at least on the Russian track, are blocked. Let's not beat around the bush. This is another clear and cautionary demonstration of how far NATO and the EU can go in using the most low-grade methods of influencing those whose actions are grounded in national interests and who are against sacrificing their principles and dignity for the sake of the ‘rules’ imposed by the West instead of international law. If the West sees a visit by the Russian Foreign Minister to Serbia almost as a threat on a universal scale, then, apparently, things are not so good there.”

Later responding to a question, he said in part: “This case showed the worth of NATO membership for Montenegro and North Macedonia and the reasons why NATO needs such countries—only to punish Russia, expand the anti-Russia bridgehead in Europe and create threats and mechanisms of containment.”

He closed the response, by returning to the planned itinerary in Belgrade, saying: “I was supposed to attend a ceremony at the Eternal Flame in memory of the liberators of Belgrade. I was also supposed to make an entry in the Honored Guest Book. I planned to write the following. Imagine I am sending it to the Serbian people now.

“ ‘Let us be worthy of the memory of the Soviet and Yugoslav warriors who perished in the struggle against Nazism. Serbia and Russia stand in solidarity in their efforts to preserve the truth about the history of World War II. We will not allow the rebirth of Nazism.’

“Please consider these words my message to all those who visit this magisterial monument in Belgrade.”

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