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Will the World Enter a LaRouche Era?

June 7, 2022 (EIRNS)—Only a paradigm shift of the nations of NATO can shift the world’s political trajectory away from nuclear war, and, on June 7, the international LaRouche movement, the key force in driving that shift in paradigm, made a huge leap in its potential to effect that change:

On June 7, the New York State Board of Elections confirmed that no voter could challenge the tens of thousands of signatures submitted by Diane Sare’s for ballot access as candidate for U.S. Senator from New York—so, unless one of the other candidates, such as Senate Majority Leader Chuck “Killer” Schumer, files a complaint, she will be on the ballot as an independent LaRouche candidate!

Sare’s candidacy brings the outlook of Lyndon LaRouche to the fourth-largest state in the U.S. Her platform calls for cooperation among the U.S., Russia, China, and India, for a reorganization of the world economy for “win-win cooperation on great projects in infrastructure and space exploration.” Her call to “respect the sovereignty of all nations” stands in stark contrast to the belligerent interventionism promoted by the British Empire and its co-thinkers occupying Washington, D.C.

A United States that reinstates the Glass-Steagall Act, implements national banking, issues credit for large-scale infrastructure, and collaborates internationally to make controlled nuclear fusion a reality, will be a welcome force for good on the planet. Such a necessary United States has a leading role to play in ending, forever, the imperial outlook of geopolitics, unipolarity, and “green” Malthusianism.

Without such a shift, in the United States and among other countries of the trans-Atlantic, the long-term potential for peace in the world is essentially non-existent.

The United States has been primed for half a dozen years to see Russia, anew, as an enemy, through the Russiagate lie launched and supported by Britain. That scam, as documented afresh through newly released material in the trial of Michael Sussmann, was a deliberate hoax hatched not only in opposition to democratic rule itself—by targeting the legitimacy of political outsider Donald Trump—but also to prepare the way for increasing provocations towards Russia (as a prelude to China).

The 2011 murder of Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi heralded a trajectory leading to “potentially a new general state of warfare throughout much of this planet,” warned Lyndon LaRouche. “This were probably the included outcome,” he warned, “unless a radical correction in trans-Atlantic financial and related policies were made more or less immediately.” Following Syria and other conflicts, the threat of war directly looks in Ukraine with respect to Russia, and in provocative actions with regard to Taiwan and various Indo-Pacific initiatives, with respect to China.

Russiagate’s deployment to prevent any change from that trajectory is seen in the use of Ukrainian government agencies to attack Helga Zepp-LaRouche and the Schiller Institute as mouthpieces for the Kremlin.

Russia can achieve military and diplomatic successes, but to win the war against war itself, requires victories in the trans-Atlantic.

The great period of ferment and hope that beckoned in the 1960s—the era of Kennedy, King, and Apollo—was dashed through assassinations, war, and the 1971 termination of FDR’s intent for Bretton Woods.

The great potential of the fall of the Soviet Union and the possibility of ending warfare was squandered.

A grand opportunity presents itself to us today, an opportunity to end geopolitics and collaborate to replace the bankrupt trans-Atlantic economic system with one dedicated to human flourishing.

Will we be courageous enough to seize that joyous opportunity?

There Can Be No Peace Without the Bankruptcy Reorganization of the Dying Trans-Atlantic Financial System” proclaims the invitation to the Schiller Institute’s June 18-19 conference.

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