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Join Mission Impossible! America, Russia and China Can Achieve Peace Through Development

June 11, 2022 (EIRNS)—It was noted today by Dennis Speed, a leader in The LaRouche Organization, that anything possible to achieve within the current political-economic-cultural paradigm is certainly not worth doing, since civilization is doomed if that paradigm itself is not superseded by one based on the dignity of every man and woman on Earth, with a new security and development architecture for all nations. This problem is compounded by the pervasive sense of pessimism in the world that the U.S. leadership is so corrupt and incompetent that it would be impossible to end the madness of the U.S./U.K. drive for war against Russia and China, and to instead cooperate with them for global development. Helga Zepp-LaRouche interjected: “Then we must call on everyone to join Mission Impossible—pull together a sane faction in the U.S.!”

There is nary a soul in the world who is not aware that our human civilization is in grave danger. Leading political and social leaders in the U.S. and Europe now casually discuss whether or not there will be nuclear weapons used in what they assert as their top priority: the defeat of Russia, and the destruction of their economy, with China next on the list. The hyperinflationary disintegration of the global dollar-based financial system is now acknowledged to be out of control—even JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon warns that a “hurricane” is about to hit the Western financial system, something Lyndon LaRouche forecast as inevitable in 1971 when Nixon ended the Bretton Woods system of fixed-exchange rates and took the dollar off the gold reserve. Every human being is affected by this hyperinflation, which is rapidly turning wages and savings into toilet paper. Mind-destroying drugs have now been legalized in Holland, the U.S., Thailand, Canada and elsewhere, sending a message to our children, who already fear that they have no future, that they may as well get high and drop out, while also creating deranged young killers in the process.

But there are signs of life in the Western world, despite the dying trans-Atlantic financial system.

The April 26 EIR interview with Col. Richard Black (ret.), warning that the U.S. political and military leadership has gone mad and is leading the world to nuclear Armageddon, has gone viral internationally, with over 750,000 views and thousands of comments. Colonel Black also participated in the May 26 Schiller Institute Conference with Helga Zepp-LaRouche and former CIA official Ray McGovern, earning an attack by the NATO-created “Center for Countering Disinformation” in Ukraine as “Russian propaganda.” That attack demonstrates that the LaRouche movement is breaking through the Anglo-American “information warfare” which is intended to keep the population uniformed and passive.

Then, on May 31, LaRouche independent candidate for U.S. Senate Diane Sare, supported by hundreds of volunteers, achieved the “impossible” by submitting well over 45,000 signatures of New York State registered voters to gain a spot on the ballot against Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, the “Senator from Wall Street,” who leads the effort to launch World War III and to legalize drugs, among his other crimes. The New York State Legislature had tripled the already onerous requirement for 15,000 signatures, confident that it would prevent any independent candidate from getting on the ballot to challenge the anointed candidates of the now-crumbling “two-party system,” which, until now, has controlled American elections. Indeed, the impossible has been achieved.

Sare’s campaign succeeded in gaining ballot status because she was building on the legacy of Lyndon H. LaRouche, not only his life-long exposure of the British imperial destruction of the world economy through the City of London and Wall Street, but also, most importantly, his solutions, based on a “Peace of Westphalia” approach: bringing sovereign nations together to put the collapsing Western financial system through Glass-Steagall bankruptcy reorganization; establishing Hamiltonian credit policies internationally to fund development and scientific research for fusion energy, space exploration and other advances of the frontiers of human knowledge.

Fundamental to the LaRouche legacy, in this, the “Year of LaRouche” which celebrates the 100th anniversary of his birth, is the power of his creative genius, recognizing the urgency to restore the commitment to classical culture as well as classical science, to making the “heavy” ideas generated by the great renaissance eras of cultures around the world, of creating an environment in which all children are given the tools to develop their own genius, to become what Plato called a Golden Soul, and what Friedrich Schiller called a “patriot of one’s nation and a citizen of the world.”

It is perhaps a miracle that a genius like Lyndon LaRouche emerged from the dying culture within the United States, but that demonstrates that the great promise of the American experiment has not been extinguished, and that, indeed, we as a united human race can achieve the “impossible.”

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