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A Decoupling of the Two Systems or a New Paradigm for Humanity?

June 15, 2022 (EIRNS)—There are two systems today before the world; the one looks to salvaging its $2 quadrillion speculative bubble at the cost of the decimation of the physical economy and sustenance of the majority of the planet’s population, by war if so required; while the other looks to cooperation on great infrastructure and scientific projects to raise the productive powers of all. Those two systems are today in the process of actively decoupling into warring blocs, a trajectory leading into nuclear war and Mankind’s annihilation, if not preempted.

The first system took action yesterday through the Federal Reserve to vainly try to preserve itself by sharply raising U.S. interest rates, a step which will soon lead to further blowouts of the Everything Bubble, including Third World debt and related derivatives and, very possibly, the entire crypt-currency scam. That system’s aggressive sanctions policy against Russia, and demands that all European nations suspend all imports of Russian energy in particular, has now led Latvia to join Poland in the gruesome caravan back to the Middle Ages, authorizing and urging its population to gather bushes and branches to burn as firewood—since natural gas and oil are no longer available to them.

Which nations shall follow next? Germany, where one in six individuals is now skipping meals because inflation has priced food out of reach? The United Kingdom, where the population’s disposable income is expected to drop this year by the largest amount since the mid-1950s? Or the United States, which is not far behind?

Consider the implications of President Joe Biden sending a jawboning letter to oil refinery firms in which he argued: “I understand that many factors contributed to the business decisions to reduce refinery capacity, which occurred before I took office. But at a time of war, refinery profit margins well above normal being passed directly onto American families are not acceptable.”

“At a time of war”? Did someone fail to inform the President of the United States, or those that composed that letter for him, that Congress—the only power constitutionally authorized to do so—has not at this point declared war?

The second system, centered on the alliance of China and Russia, also took action yesterday to strengthen joint cooperation of those two nations in both the economic and the military fields, as discussed in a phone conversation between Presidents Putin and Xi. They did so on the day that the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum began its discussion of alternatives to the bankrupt trans-Atlantic system.

But if war between the two decoupled systems is to be avoided, that alternative under construction must include a United States radically reoriented around the American System policies associated with Alexander Hamilton, Henry Carey and Lyndon LaRouche.

That, in short, will be the concept under discussion in the Schiller Institute’s June 18-19 international conference, and especially its first panel, “A Decoupling of the Two Systems or a New Paradigm for Humanity?” which will be keynoted by Schiller Institute founder Helga Zepp-LaRouche.

In conclusion, and to encourage participation in that upcoming conference, we here provide an excerpt from Henry Carey’s famous 1851 The Harmony of Interests:

“Two systems are before the world.... One looks to compelling the farmers and planters of the Union to continue their contributions for the support of the fleets and the armies, the paupers, the nobles, and the sovereigns of Europe; the other to enabling ourselves to apply the same means to the moral and intellectual improvement of the sovereigns of America. One looks to the continuance of that bastard freedom of trade which denies the principle of protection, yet doles it out as revenue duties; the other by extending the area of legitimate free trade by the establishment of perfect protection....

“One looks to underworking the Hindoo, and sinking the rest of the world to his level; the other to raising the standard of man throughout the world to our level. One looks to pauperism, ignorance, depopulation, and barbarism; the other to increasing wealth, comfort, intelligence, combination of action, and civilization. One looks towards universal war; the other towards universal peace. One is the English system; the other we may be proud to call the American system, for it is the only one ever devised the tendency of which was that of ELEVATING while EQUALIZING the condition of man throughout the world.

“SUCH is the true MISSION of the people of these United States.” [emphasis in original]

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