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Cheminade Insists, with Macron Election Defeat, France Must Now Quit NATO Integrated Command

PARIS, June 20, 2022 (EIRNS)—In his first post-election tweets, Jacques Cheminade, president of Solidarité et Progrès, welcomed the defeat of Macron and outlined the way to go. “The defeat of Emmanuel Macron in the legislative elections of 2022 makes it possible for France to change policies. The NATO summit at the end of June in Madrid aims at controlling the EU to turn it into a military union against Russia and China. Let’s constitute a front against it.”

“To leave NATO’s integrated command is the absolute priority, because to remain there will take us to war, ‘despite ourselves.’ We will judge the worth of those elected to the National Assembly according to their choice on this matter. Those who have said they were favorable to this policy, must now face their conscience.”

In another tweet, Cheminade targeted the high level of abstentions, 53.7%: “It is urgent to give a direction to France, or we risk having robots replacing the political leadership. Pull out of NATO and fight the military financial oligarchy and go for a new, win-win world economic order.”

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