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Ritter Declares, Russian Victory in Ukraine Could Spell the End of NATO

June 22, 2022 (EIRNS)—Scott Ritter, a former Marine intelligence officer and former UN weapons inspector in Iraq, argued in an interview with Left Lens posted on YouTube on June 20 that a Russian victory in Ukraine will spell the end of NATO. “NATO and the United States are facing the kind of moral and physical defeat at the hands of Russia that will probably mean the end of NATO,” he told presenter Danny Haiphong in the video. “I don’t think NATO survives this.”

“That doesn’t mean that they’re going to dissolve tomorrow,” he clarified. But Ritter stressed: “I think people have forgotten that just in August of last year, NATO suffered a huge humiliation: the withdrawal from Afghanistan.”

“NATO was struggling after that: ‘who are we? what are we doing?’ ” he said. “And now they’ve stood up to Russia, to be brave against her, and they’re going to lose against Russia without even fighting.”

Ritter reiterated a point he made earlier in the interview that Russian forces were destroying the arms sent by NATO members to prolong the war in Ukraine—and that Kiev was now asking for more donations of equipment than most Western European armies even possess. “By the time Russia finishes this, Russia will have an army that’s the most seasoned, combat-experienced military in the world, facing off against NATO forces who are poorly-trained, poorly-led and, guess what, now poorly-equipped because they gave all their weapons away,” he said.

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