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Russian UN Envoy Presents History of Ukraine’s Ideology of Violence

June 22, 2022 (EIRNS)—Yesterday, the UN Security Council convened to discuss “Maintenance of peace and security of Ukraine.” Russia’s Permanent Representative to the UN Ambassador Vassily Nebenzia used the occasion to present a history of the violent ideology behind Ukrainian “nationalism” that the trans-Atlantic faction on the council probably didn’t want to hear. “The ideology of violence and hatred, i.a. to its own people, stands at the core of present-day Ukrainian state policy,” Nebenzia said. “This ideology provoked atrocious crimes of the Kiev regime against its own people that became one of the key reasons of today’s crisis in Ukraine.”

Among the figures that Nebenzia named as being behind the ideology of the Kiev regime was Dmytro Dontsov. Dontsov “came up with a theory of integral nationalism that he had borrowed from a Frenchman called Charles Maurras,” Nebenzia continued. Maurras played a crucial role in setting the conditions in the 1930s which led to the French collapse in the face of the Nazi onslaught in May-June 1940. “Without going into detail of this theory, I will just tell you that it was based on the ideology of hatred. It advocates for a sectarian society, promotes immoral ways of achieving one’s goals, welcomes cruelty, suggests imposing the will of active minority on a gregarious majority, promulgates the superiority of Ukrainian race. All this envisages hatred to Russians and to Russia as a ‘kingdom of darkness.’ ”

Nebenzia charged that U.S./NATO supplied weapons were now being used in that genocide in the Donbas. “Last week alone, 6 people were killed and more than 30 injured by strikes against Donbas launched from European and American weapons,” he said. Nebenzia had listed the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Germany, France, Poland, Austria, Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Greece, Denmark, Ireland, Spain, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Romania, North Macedonia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Finland, the Czech Republic, Sweden, and the Baltic states, as countries that delivered weapons to the Kiev regime. He charged that each of those states “is directly responsible for dragging out the Ukrainian crisis, deaths of civilians, and also of Ukrainian military personnel whom the corrupt Ukrainian leadership thrusts to the frontline as cannon fodder.”

“No matter how hard you try, you may only drag out the agony of Kiev’s Russophobic neo-Nazi regime, but never stop it,” Nebenzia concluded. “The regime was doomed back in 2014, when it waged a criminal war on its own people. Millions of Ukrainians wait to be absolved of it, which we can conclude from people’s attitude to Russian troops in the liberated territories. Our special military operation will be carried through, and all its goals will be achieved.”

Dontsov’s fascist ideology is extensively covered in EIR’s April 29, 2022 issue.

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