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Catalyzing Beauty

June 22, 2022 (EIRNS)—A great potential for change exists in the world, even in the countries of NATO. What sort of spark can catalyze the potential seen in the ferment of anti-war, anti-green, anti-inflation agitation, to produce a new strategic, economic, and cultural architecture?

A personal connection to beauty, to progress, to science, to anti-entropic change—which the LaRouche movement is committed to providing—can serve as the needed spark.

What is the potential?

In Italy, even as the Senate abdicates military decision-making to Mario Draghi, the people are on the streets: dozens of anti-war rallies and marches are held across the country. In Brussels, thousands gather to oppose both the deadly inflation and the NATO policy (not Putin!) that is driving it. In the U.K., authorities are attempting to sweep under the rug a major rail strike. Farmers in Holland are on the streets to protest the latest green policies that prevent them from growing the food and raising the animals to feed people. Airlines are understaffed. Transport costs and energy as a percentage of economic costs are growing.

In the U.S., a culture of violence threatens—abroad, in military interventions and demeaning foreign policy, and domestically, with increasing shootings, ugly entertainment, and a brutal attempt to prevent honest discussion of pressing issues.

And that discussion is needed! The trans-Atlantic economies are imploding. The growing tide of increasingly expensive weapons pouring into Ukraine to secure a defeat of Russia are failing to achieve that stated end. Sanctions against Russia and China, in particular, are causing dislocations of trade internationally, affecting all nations of the globe.

This all leads to a dead end, of challenging Russia and China—and any other nation that dares to stand up—to a nuclear game of “chicken.”

The world is coming to realize the sad state of affairs, and can be inspired to take up the challenge of setting history on another course.

This past weekend’s conference of the Schiller Institute demonstrates the quality of discussion and solutions needed in the world. And the inspiring U.S. Senate campaign of Diane Sare serves as a bright spot of hope in the difficult but necessary task of changing the United States itself.

There’s plenty of bad news to go around. What meaningful, necessary good news will you create, and inspire others to create, today?

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