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White House Fantasizes About Upcoming G7 and NATO Summits

June 24, 2022 (EIRNS)—A special June 22 background briefing by two senior administration officials highlights the degree to which the Biden White House is enmired in fantasies about the U.S. standing as the unchallenged global leader and the ostensible strength and unity of NATO. Revealing was the report on the G7 meeting in Bavaria on June 26-28, in which the briefer boasted that several other nations had been invited—Argentina, India, Indonesia, Senegal and South Africa—allowing Biden to engage with “a wide range of global leaders,” some of which are BRICS members or fall squarely into the camp of non-aligned nations. Ukraine’s Volodymyr Zelenskyy will attend both G7 and NATO summits.

The White House is bragging that at the G7 meeting, “we will roll out a concrete set of proposals to increase pressure on Russia and demonstrate our support collectively for Ukraine.” The summit will also address the “impact of Putin’s war on prices—rising at home and all over the world, including on energy security and food security.” Putin continues to be responsible for all of the economic disasters of the Trans-Atlantic system. A highlight of the meeting, according to the briefer, will be the official launching of “our global infrastructure partnership that will lift up our low- and middle-income partner countries while advancing U.S. competitiveness and national security.” Is this yet another U.S. alternative to China’s Belt and Road Initiative, that will go nowhere?

The senior official briefing media on the June 28-30 NATO summit in Madrid waxed ecstatic that Biden had made NATO “more united and stronger than ever.” Finland and Sweden are eager to join, and “increasing defense spending has surged in public opinion polling of NATO countries.” This official bragged that one of the big “deliverables” that will come out of Madrid will be a new “Strategic Concept,” described as the driver “of NATO’s continued transformation in coming years as it safeguards Euro-Atlantic security responding to a wide range of threats and challenges.”

As the official made clear, China is one of those threats. Russia continues to be the most serious and continuing threat, he said, but the Strategic Concept will also address “the multifaceted and longer-term challenges posed by the P.R.C. to Euro-Atlantic Security.” The official said the fact that Australia, Japan, South Korea and New Zealand will attend the NATO summit demonstrates that the Indo-Pacific is on board. Russia’s war against Ukraine “has galvanized our partnerships around the world. It’s also showing how Ukraine is not causing us to take our eye off the ball on China, and President Biden has effectively linked our efforts in Europe and Asia.... As we face the most serious security situation in decades, it’s clear that NATO is rising to the challenge with unity and resolve.”

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