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Four International Summit Meetings in June

June 26, 2022 (EIRNS)—There are four major international summit meetings underway in the last week in June, which in large measure summarize the options facing the planet at this time. The BRICS Summit, hosted by China, concluded on June 24, presenting one view of the future—a future based on development and cooperation to solve the grave economic and strategic crises facing humanity. That was followed by the EU summit; then the ongoing G7 summit in Germany; and finally, the NATO meeting scheduled for June 28-30 in Madrid—these three all dead-set on perpetuating a bankrupt and war-provoking system centered in the City of London and Wall Street.

An editorial in the June 24 edition of China’s Global Times captured the gist of the issue: “We can see two distinct global governance propositions ... and the future destiny of mankind depends to a large extent on the outcome of this historic race.... The world has once again come to the crossroads. Peace or war? Development or decline? Opening up or closing? Cooperation or confrontation?”

Lyndon LaRouche not only saw this coming decades ago, but provided the policy solutions which remain urgently applicable. In his May 26, 2006 article “The Governments Are Collapsing: The Cities of the Plain,” LaRouche stated bluntly:

“The present economic form of this onrushing breakdown of the system, did not originate within the real economy: the physical economy, as distinct from the mere monetary system. The crisis could be halted by putting the source of the problem, the present world monetary-financial system, into reorganization-in-bankruptcy, if this were done in concert by a relevant set of cooperating national governments. Under present circumstances, the monetarist’s options, loose money, or tight money, are forms of political masturbation, like sheepishly bleating ritual references to ‘supply and demand.’ For those who believe in a real economy, that is, a physical economy, rather than being part of the faction of some monetarist babbling, the solution to the crisis is the same principle expressed by the measures which were taken, successfully, by U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt.... The passion for getting the objective of one’s momentary desire, without actually paying for it, has become the prevalent form of the reign of sophistry in our recent times.”

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