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China Denounces NATO Strategic Concept

July 1, 2022 (EIRNS)—In Beijing, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian denounced NATO’s new Strategic Concept as misrepresenting facts and truths. “The NATO 2022 Strategic Concept has misrepresented facts and distorted the truth. In this document, NATO once again wrongly defined China as posing ‘systemic challenges.’ It smeared China’s foreign policy and pointed fingers at China’s normal military posture and defense policy,” Zhao said in responding to the first question of yesterday’s regular press briefing. “The document seeks to stoke confrontation and antagonism and smacks heavily of Cold War mentality and ideological bias. China is gravely concerned over this and firmly opposes it.

“China is known to be a force for world peace, a contributor to global development and a defender of the international order,” Zhao continued.

“China has never invaded any country, never launched a proxy war, and never joined or formed any military bloc. We are committed to the path of peaceful development. We aim to build a community with a shared future for mankind. We have advanced high-quality Belt and Road cooperation and put forward the Global Development Initiative and the Global Security Initiative, which are being implemented. All of those are public goods provided by China to help the international community deal with major issues on peace and development. People of the world see clearly that China presents valuable opportunities for world peace and development. It does not pose ‘systemic challenges,’ as wrongly purported by NATO.

“In contrast, it is NATO that poses systemic challenges to world security and stability,”

he countered.

“NATO claims to be a regional defensive alliance, but it has constantly sought to make advances into new areas and domains and waged wars in various countries in the world. NATO has the blood of their people on its hands. The Chinese people will not forget the crimes NATO committed 23 years ago when U.S.-led NATO bombed the Chinese Embassy in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia,”

on May 7, 1999. He was referring to NATO’s intervention to protect the breakup of Yugoslavia after Tito’s death and the collapse of the Soviet Union. Zhao went on to say: “Now NATO has extended its tentacles to the Asia-Pacific and sought to export the Cold War mentality and replicate bloc confrontation. The Asia-Pacific is one of the most peaceful and stable regions in the world and a promising land for cooperation and development. Any attempt to undermine its peace and stability and sabotage regional solidarity and cooperation will be unanimously rejected by the people in China and the rest of the Asia-Pacific. Such attempts are bound to fail.

“Here is our message for NATO: hyping up the so-called ‘China threat’ will lead nowhere. NATO must immediately stop its groundless accusations and provocative rhetoric against China, abandon the outdated Cold War mentality and zero-sum game mindset, renounce its blind faith in military might and misguided practice of seeking absolute security, halt the dangerous attempt to destabilize Europe and the Asia-Pacific, and act in the interest of security and stability in Europe and beyond.”

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