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Caitlin Johnstone Calls Out Tucker Carlson’s Service to the Imperial Warmongers Against China

July 3, 2022 (EIRNS)—Caitlin Johnston, the outspoken Australian independent analyst, took aim at the mythology that Tucker Carlson is a truth teller among the corporate media. She demonstrates that he is in fact a leader in the military-industrial and U.S. intelligence community policy to brainwash the American (and global) population to accept a war on China, while also peddling the pseudo-differences between the two U.S. political parties to prevent any serious political action.

She writes:

“I have some overlap with Carlson’s audience because I criticize some of the same things he does like the U.S. proxy war in Ukraine, so some of my readers get confused and upset when I say he’s just as much a propagandist as the empire spinmeisters on CNN and MSNBC. But if you actually look at what Carlson does from day to day you start to notice that he only criticizes some imperial actions which are opposed by right-wing populist strains in the U.S. while continuously sheepdogging that audience into supporting establishment agendas like the cold war with China, legitimizing two-party electoral politics, and keeping everyone fixated on vapid culture war bullshit.

“There is no more important goal for the oligarchic empire than securing U.S. hegemony by halting the rise of China, and there is no figure more effective in manufacturing consent for that goal than Tucker Carlson. He gains credibility by appearing to fight the power, then uses that stolen credibility to help manufacture consent for the most high-priority agendas of the powerful.”

Johnstone concludes:

“If you’ve fallen for this ruse, it’s not too late to step back and realize that you haven’t been receiving brave anti-establishment commentary from the single most prominent pundit in the Murdoch press. Anyone who tells you that the correct response to your instinct that things are messed up is to vote for one of America’s two mainstream parties, consume mainstream media, and hate your government’s enemies is very clearly working to deceive you.”

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