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Dispute Between U.S. and Russian Diplomats at Chinese Forum

July 5, 2022 (EIRNS)—The U.S. and Russian Ambassadors to China shared the stage on yesterday in Beijing, at the 10th World Peace Forum in Beijing. The two diplomats shook hands before the event began.

U.S. Ambassador Nicholas Burns concluded his address by condemning Russia’s military operations in Ukraine. Russian Ambassador Andrey Denisov countered the claims that Russia’s actions were “illegal” and “unprovoked,” by recounting the history of NATO’s unprovoked expansion and the failure of Ukraine to uphold the Minsk agreements. “The world is going through a crucial transformation. The existing system of international relations is being reshaped,” Denisov said, and describing the attempt to replace international law with a “rules-based order” reflecting the interests of a small number of wealthy countries.

Global Times observes that the sharp exchange attracted much attention, sparking discussions about how the international order would evolve and how to maintain peace in the most effective way. Of the two interpretations of “world order,” one is advocated by the West using ideology and values, while the other, embraced by a majority of other countries, regards territory, sovereignty and economic security as more important, according to experts.

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