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As Paradigms Clash, Defeat War with a New Bretton Woods

July 5, 2022 (EIRNS)—Awareness of the horrifying potential for civilization-ending nuclear war must animate people of good will to address the causes of the present crisis before it is too late.

In a recent article warning of the terrible threat, German Gen. (ret.) Harald Kujat put the Russian missile drill conducted last month in Kaliningrad, with Iskander missiles capable of delivering conventional or nuclear warheads, in context. With NATO’s expansion and the use of Ukraine (especially post-2014 Ukraine) as a bludgeon against Russia, culminating in the special military operation Russia has been forced to engage in, it is clear to Russian thinkers that the goal is not to defend much-touted Ukrainian “democracy” but to destroy Russia.

Negotiations to end the conflict were broken off months ago, with the United Kingdom and United States making it clear to Zelenskyy that diplomacy is not an option. Zelenskyy on May 9 had again declared that retaking Crimea was Ukrainian policy. Attacks on cities within Russia were conducted by Ukraine over recent days—attacks designed to draw a response. Kujat’s article includes a Russian assessment that if the conflict became nuclear, in Europe, the United States would not use its own nuclear weapons, leaving Europe as a victim. Does this raise the likelihood of nuclear weapons use?

The reckless, dangerous policy of crushing Russia and China must be ended, or it could lead to the end of civilization, globally!

The people of the West are not being asked to shoulder higher prices for gasoline and energy; we are being asked to give our support for devastating warfare—and we must say no!

In the field of trade and economics, a nuclear weapon has already been used—punishing sanctions, imposed upon Russia, but which have actually served to punish Europe, the United States, and the world at large. The world has taken note—your dollar reserves are no longer safe, your deposits in the United States are no longer safe. And with the enormous levels of money printing to prop up speculation, dollar-based inflation is unavoidable.

But this financial nuclear weapon has failed, as Alexander Losev points out in an article written for the Valdai Discussion Club. A new economic system is already being formed.

A fight must be fought—and won—within NATO nations, to end the clash of paradigms, accept the end of the unipolar world, reverse the anti-human green policies, and usher in much needed cooperation for the elimination of poverty, globally, including the development of health infrastructure in each nation.

Russia cannot win this fight alone, nor with China and the BRICS alone. This is a victory the LaRouche movement is called upon to win, as led by the Schiller Institute’s call for a New Bretton Woods.

Sign and circulate the petition, share the Schiller Institute’s July 3 event from Sunday, and force a reckoning with the unparalleled historical moment of the present.

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