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Tectonic Shifts Your Neighbor May Not Have Noticed

July 6, 2022 (EIRNS)—While most of your neighbors were either asleep at the switch or too wrapped up in a media-induced coma about the supposed “brave Ukrainian people’s war to defend democracy and our way of life,” the City of London and Wall Street’s total economic warfare against Russia has helped unleash a tectonic shift that is now underway in global physical-economic flows. There are drastic shifts towards Asia and the Pacific of energy, food and other essential economic activity; and there are corresponding deadly reductions underway especially in Europe, but which are also affecting the U.S. and parts of the developing sector.

The pattern over recent days and weeks is unmistakable. A besieged Russia is taking national control over all its mineral and energy resources, and huge projects such as the Sakhalin-2 natural gas and oil operation are being redirected towards friendly Asian nations—a hostile Japan will be the big loser here. The International Energy Agency expects that Russian natural gas exports to Europe will drop by over half in the next two years—and Germans are already preparing for a long, cold winter, with electricity prices quadrupling over the last 12 months. Russia has meanwhile become India’s top provider of fertilizer, and is rapidly becoming the #1 supplier of oil to both India and China.

The net result in the West is a dramatic, Malthusian downshift in the overall energy flux density and technology platform of the U.S. and Europe—as well as specific, deadly physical economic shortages in numerous fields—which we are only beginning to see the effects of in daily life.

Food, electricity, gasoline, housing? Better get used to living without them, in order to “defend our way of life,” we are told.

So long as we do not jettison the current bankrupt trans-Atlantic financial system, this entropic implosion is unavoidable. It is also the intended result of the London-centered financial masters of that speculative system. We are in the active, end-stage of the Malthusian deindustrialization and depopulation assault that the British Empire and their American allies have long openly advocated. When Prince Philip talked about reducing the world’s population down to 1 billion, he wasn’t kidding. Nor were Davos chief Klaus Schwab and British central banker Mark Carney, when they said that the idea of progress itself is the enemy that has to be extirpated from people’s minds—and don’t even think about laying a finger on their $2 quadrillion global speculative bubble.

But none of this is necessary, if the policy alternative of bankruptcy reorganization of that system is promptly undertaken, as the Schiller Institute’s call for a New Bretton Woods elaborates. It is a policy option you need to explain to your neighbor.

The closely associated existential danger is that all of this is leading the world to the very brink of thermonuclear war between the U.S./NATO and Russia. “We may be closer to a Cuban Missile Crisis-type situation than many think possible,” former Bundeswehr Chief of Staff and Chairman of the NATO Military Committee Gen. Harald Kujat (in German) accurately warned in a June 12 assessment for Preußische Allgemeine Zeitung.

How can that be?

Lyndon LaRouche explained that dynamic repeatedly over the years, but never more clearly than in his Nov. 3, 1981 urgent policy statement, “How President Reagan Is Being Played by London.” In it, LaRouche began by warning: “First, let it be absolutely clear, that a nuclear exchange limited to the European theater is an impossibility. Any nuclear attack on Soviet territory brings an immediate total nuclear bombardment on the United States’ homeland. Soviet policy is to move into occupation of Western Europe after destroying the very existence of the United States.”

He then explained that the driving force behind such a war danger is the British Malthusian need to destroy both the U.S. and the (then) Soviet Union.

“Britain intends that a condition of controlled-conflict between the two super-powers should be orchestrated in such a fashion as to catalyze a process of internal dissolution of both the United States and the ‘Soviet Empire’.... The sticky point for London at the moment, is that while it has sufficient control over U.S. banking, political parties and the federal government to proceed now to destroy the United States from within, Britain can not proceed to complete the wrecking of the United States until Britain is equally assured of its ability to simultaneously break up the ‘Soviet Empire’....

“The end-result toward which London is working is the establishment of a Malthusian, World-Federalist sort of world-order... The purpose of Britain’s ‘balance of power’ game is not nuclear war between the super-powers themselves. The purpose of the British game is a Malthusian World Federalist order before the end of this present century. It is not only an evil scheme, more evil than anything actually proposed by Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf. It is an evil scheme pregnant with probable risk of thermonuclear strategic miscalculation.”

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