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Biden’s NATO Policy Dividing World Into Opposing Armed Camps

July 8, 2022 (EIRNS)—Michael T. Klare, the defense correspondent for The Nation, in a July 7 article that will likely be labeled Putin propaganda by the NATO partisans, argues that President Joe Biden’s NATO policy is dividing the world into hostile camps. “Not content merely to identify Russia as an enhanced threat to European security, the NATO leadership found time to embrace the anti-China agenda of the Biden administration, expressed in such White House documents as the Interim National Security Strategic Guidance of March 2021, and to incorporate it into the mission statement they adopted in Madrid,” Klare writes. “Under this edict, China is to be viewed along with Russia as major challengers to the ‘rules-based international order’ on which alliance security and prosperity supposedly rest.”

“Adoption of the new strategic concept by NATO ensures that tensions between the United States and its allies on one side, and China on the other, are bound to increase. From Beijing’s perspective, this can only be viewed as a malicious attempt by Washington to incorporate Europe into its ongoing drive to prevent China’s rise—and so will very likely provoke resistance,”

Klare argues. As a result “with NATO now committed to an anti-China stance in Asia, we must view the Ukraine conflict as but the opening act in a long-term struggle for global power between the major Western powers and those labeled as ‘authoritarian actors,’ notably Russia and China.”

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