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Lavrov Explains How Anglo-Americans Sabotaged G20 Ministerial

July 9, 2022 (EIRNS)—Sergey Lavrov told the Foreign Ministers at the G20 Ministerial in Bali, Indonesia on July 8 that their antics in focusing all discussion on lies and attacks on Russia had undermined the purpose of the G20, which is to address global economic issues. He responded to the harping about Russia holding up grain delivery from Ukraine by pointing out that “Ukraine should end the blockade of its ports, demine them or ensure passage through the minefields.”

“Aggressors, invaders, occupants. We’ve heard quite a few such things today,” he said, adding that many speeches were made only for theatrical effect, citing Boris Johnson as a prime example: “Well, he resigned, and so be it. Everyone said Russia must be isolated. But so far his own party has isolated Boris Johnson.”

Antony Blinken, of course, was his normal fraudulent self: “To our Russian colleagues: Ukraine is not your country. Its grain is not your grain. Why are you blocking the ports? You should let the grain out.”

For the first time, the G20 Foreign Ministers did not take a group picture, as some of them refused to pose with Lavrov.

Lavrov met privately with Wang Yi and others on the sidelines, but left the meeting early as nothing of importance was being discussed. In regard to Ukraine, he said: “If the West doesn’t want talks to take place but wishes for Ukraine to defeat Russia on the battlefield—because both views have been expressed—then perhaps there is nothing to talk about with the West,” Lavrov said.

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