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In Europe, Farmers Mobilize in the North, Taxi Drivers in the South

July 14, 2022 (EIRNS)—While farmer protests continue to paralyze the Netherlands, RadioGenova tweeted a video of German farmers in the Main-Taunus region in a tractorcade blocking the region’s border roads as a demonstration in solidarity with their Dutch colleagues.

Meanwhile, Italian taxi drivers are continuing their protest in major cities, paralyzing traffic there. In Rome, 1,000 taxi drivers have surrounded the government building, kept at distance by the police, shouting slogans against Uber, and Draghi as a speculator, and shooting off fireworks. Five of them chained themselves to street lamps.

Uritaxi national leader Claudio Giudici, participating in the protest from Rome, launched a call to strikers to not commit violent actions. Taxi drivers want the government to abandon a liberalization scheme which violates constitutional protection of public services. Media leaks on Uber managers’ corruption two days ago have given more momentum to the protest.

The taxi protest is one symptom of an explosive situation, with farmers starting to protest in Italy, too, and other social sectors ready to stand up in protest against price inflation.

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