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China Offers a New World Food Program Humanitarian Warehouse/Hub in China

July 18, 2022 (EIRNS)—In order to help deal with the world food crisis, China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi reiterated at the Group of 20 Foreign Ministers meeting July 8 in Indonesia, that China stands ready to work with the UN World Food Programme to set up a new global humanitarian emergency warehouse and hub in China. The WFP, besides mobilizing and distributing food rations and cash vouchers, handles the logistics for all the UN agencies—the UN air fleet, trucking, staff change layover and training facilities, freight handling and shipping, etc.—and has six strategically located warehouses and hubs already. The Chinese proposal will add greatly to the WFP capability.

The existing network of six hubs, termed the UN Humanitarian Response Depot (UNHRD) network, includes Italy, Spain, Panama, Ghana, the United Arab Emirates, and Malaysia.

Wang also said that China is setting up a South-South Cooperation Trust Fund with the Food and Agriculture Organization, and has pledged financial support to it.

In the same G20 presentation, Wang listed eight points of action on the world food crisis.

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