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Col. Macgregor Sees Western Economies Collapsing, Dying Dollar Economy, No Leaders with Solutions in Sight

July 23, 2022 (EIRNS)—Col. Douglas Macgregor (ret.), who has been a consistent truth-teller about the disastrous war and sanctions policies against Russia, spoke on both the economic collapse of the West and the end of the “dollar-based global economy.” Some quotes (approximate):

“All governments must provide their populations with food, shelter and security. Those who are following the environmental social guidance of the Davos Forum, like Germany, are failing. The farmers in the Netherlands, the truckers in Canada, these are signs of deep-seated problems exacerbated by the Ukraine conflict. Biden dragged all the European countries into this conflict with a nation which has an abundance of resources that people need—food, minerals, energy. And there is no Plan B. The Germans shot themselves in the foot by eliminating nuclear power, cutting oil and gas to go completely green. Now they will have the winter of all discontents! They are going to freeze. Why did Russia cut them off? Because they foolishly followed the U.S. and sent weapons to Ukraine. ...

“We are seeing the beginning of the end of the dollar-based global economy. We weaponized the dollar system. Now India, China, Iran and many others, not just Russia, are getting out. People in Latin America are asking why they should do business with America, in the dollar system. The dollar-denominated business is very much at risk.

“We’re lagging behind Europe, but the same crises are coming in our direction. When food, fuel and medicine are either too expensive or scarce, things begin to fall apart. This government has no answers. The bad news is, the probable successors to this U.S. government and governments in Europe also have no answers. These problems run deep.”

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