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Russia’s Zakharova Reveals the West Has Adopted a ‘Stupid Position Pushing Themselves Deeper into a Dead End’

July 27, 2022 (EIRNS)—Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova minced no words in criticizing the West’s policies towards Russia, in comments today to Sputnik radio station.

“The isolation of Russia, announced by the West, has turned into the West’s self-isolation from the rest of the world,” she pointed out. “No matter what happens, and [no matter] how they intimidate others, or what guidelines they send out, or what conditions they set, or how they run after various countries’ presidents and ministers, they are only placing themselves in an increasingly stupid position and pushing themselves deeper into a dead end,” the Russian diplomat emphasized.

According to her, the Western elite don’t have any diplomatic or political tools left to turn things around.

“I understand that they may have viewed it as their endgame. Perhaps, they did raise the stakes to the extent that they had to go all in, and even gamble on things that don’t exist, namely, their reputation,” Zakharova remarked. “They bet everything but their gamble failed to pay off. And now, they are unable to comprehend that their bet is starting to go against them more and more with each passing day, affecting the economic and political situation, leading governments to fall, causing a deep political crisis and a brutal internal political divide in the U.S.”

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