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The Triumph of Principle: The Coming Victory of Statecraft over the Morally Bankrupt ‘Rule of Law’

Aug. 12, 2022 (EIRNS)—As the result of a vigorous, surgical, and rapid international mobilization, primarily catalyzed by the Schiller Institute, but also taken up on their own by like-minded, though politically distinct individuals, sometime on Thursday afternoon, Aug. 11, the infamous Ukrainian Center for Countering Disinformation (CCD) was forced, probably under advisement from increasingly nervous NATO interests, to take down its blacklist/”kill list” of over 70 international figures. Intelligence contacts, including former NSA and CIA analysts, remarked that the successful publication of exposés denouncing the very idea of the blacklist in India, Germany and Denmark, played a major role in the list’s suppression. As notably, the trenchant formulations used by whistleblower and “blacklister” Scott Ritter in his scathing appeal to Senators Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand, as to why they were funding, through Congressional appropriations, an agency in Ukraine that was threatening Americans (including former and presently serving members of the Congress, as well as candidates running for office, including, in the case of Schumer, their opponents), proved to be effective. The “watershed event,” Helga Zepp-LaRouche’s name finally being uttered in print in Germany, without a denunciatory adjective preceding it, in the SPD-related NachDenkSeiten, broke a four-decades taboo. Once again, it has been successfully shown that if you can successfully get the name of LaRouche, or Zepp-LaRouche in print, or uttered, then the wall of falsehood on matters of economy, strategy and culture is breached.

It is now essential, however, to widen that breach, and to energetically demand the deeper exposure and even eventual shut down of the NATO “Ukrainian” operation. One way to do that is to give content to the “newborn” demand of the last three days that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) be shut down, defunded, cleaned out. Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene has filed articles of impeachment against the Attorney General. Since January 6, 2021, it has become clear to those who should have already known it, that a full-scale assault on the Presidency was taking place. It has adversely affected the whole world, particularly the foreign relations of the U.S. with China and Russia. But this is neither Democratic nor Republican, and the muddled, silly assertion of partisan “party motives” as the driver of the present attacks are a wishful delusion that people would prefer to believe, rather than the truth.

Independent United States Senate candidate Diane Sare began her Aug. 12 weekly program with a nine-minute video excerpt from the 1995 Schiller Institute Human Rights Commission, which heard testimony from former Attorney General Ramsey Clark, Lyndon LaRouche and Helga Zepp-LaRouche, and LaRouche’s attorney, the courageous Odin Anderson. There, the ugly truth about the agency behind LaRouche’s harassment, judicial railroading and jailing was told: the permanent bureaucracy, located in several branches of government including the Justice Department, that was never dislodged after November 22, 1963, and that dispatches anyone considered to be a threat to the “principalities and powers.” All those who are now calling for action against the FBI must go to Diane Sare’s website, or otherwise see that video. If only that excerpt were placed in wide circulation in social media right now, and tweeted and re-tweeted in the United States and globally, the operation against former President Donald Trump would evaporate in two weeks. Instead of allowing people to argue with us about whether that is true, we should induce them to do the experiment.

September 8 will be Lyndon LaRouche’s 100th birthday. LaRouche should have been President of the United States, but was the victim of a dirty operation by the Justice Department. That is the exact same apparatus at work now, 35 years later, against a former President of the United States—something that would never have been allowed, even against President Nixon, in our nation before. It’s finally time to end the nightmare that descended on the United States on November 22, 1963, and that has never ended. Give Lyndon LaRouche the gift of exoneration for his 100th birthday, and the nightmare, and the danger of thermonuclear war will be over.


In his 2000 paper, “The Issue of Mind-Set,” written in commemoration of the 80th birthday of Professor Grigori Bondarevsky of the Russian Academy of Sciences, LaRouche wrote:

“Those among us still active, after fighting in political wars for the past half-century or longer, have access to a relatively unique and invaluable store of personal experience. To us, it is all too obvious, that ours is an experience commanded by virtually none among those, mostly a generation or two younger than ourselves, who occupy most of the leading public and private positions today. Today’s still-active elder statesmen, born during or shortly after the great war of 1914-1917, have lived through such times as: the onset of the Great Depression and the ensuing wars; the needless dropping of two nuclear bombs on the helpless civilian population of Japan; the prolonged threat of global nuclear conflict; the collapse of the Soviet Union; and, now, an Anglo-American-dominated world, which is toppling, like some self-doomed Ozymandias, at the brink of the worst, most awful financial collapse in more than a hundred years. With that present financial crisis, has come the recent and presently escalating eruption of forms of warfare and related conflict which now threaten to escalate world-wide. We veterans, especially those among us still on duty, often wonder if those younger folk in charge of most posts today, will learn, in time, the urgently needed lessons from the results of the tragic blunders committed during today’s preceding century.....

“The primary lesson of modern history, is that the greatest follies of nations unfold over periods of one or two generations. There was no great folly in history which was not the ruling opinion of a decade or longer; the greatest follies are the generally accepted delusions which wreak havoc on their believers a generation or so after they have become ruling policy-shaping trends....

“The greatest follies of all known human history, even before modern times, have been the fruit dropped from a generation or more of stubbornly prevailing trends in official public opinion. There is no greater fool, than is usually to be found among those leaders of today’s nations, who imagine that the utopian delusions of ‘globalism,’ the induced prejudices peculiar to their generation, are axiomatically the work of a triumphant empyreal wisdom. So, the generational and related cycles of true-life tragedy of nations unfold.”

This can be the generation that moves beyond our century and a half of tragedy to the idea of a common, shared future for mankind.

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