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The Power of Dialogue: When Ideas Take to Their Feet, Geopolitical Blather Begins To Stink

Aug. 16, 2022 (EIRNS)—Long missing from world affairs has been the simple exercise of the uniquely human talent for dialogue, for thinking and making social the thought process. Recently, the Schiller Institute conferences have served as a model and a rallying point, showing the world that, aside from the unique content of actual solutions to strategic crises, the art of actual dialogue is possible. Further, it appears to be the unique ingredient to dislodge the world from a march to a thermonuclear end.

The evidence is all around. From the cutting through a patina of geopolitical blather on a political talk show in Pakistan, to locating the key factor of the Kiev blacklisting in overturning the nuclear blackmail in Zaporizhzhia on Algerian television; from Iowa farmers enjoying a breakout from green social engineering to Scott Ritter enjoying his session with Harley Schlanger on Iranian television—there’s an emerging sense that using one’s mind and one’s mouth to actually address problems is not only refreshing, it also blows away decades of stale, stagnant impotent posturing.

Yet, Russian President Vladimir Putin, at today’s 10th Moscow Conference on International Security, laid down the law as to the end of the unipolar world of the “Western globalist elites” and of the danger of the present state of mind in Washington, D.C. And the Russian Embassy in the United States explained to the U.S. government that there is, indeed, a real danger of thermonuclear war, but coming from the liars in Washington’s “permanent war party.” The insanity to prove “snow is black” is all over the attempted nuclear blackmail at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant complex in Ukraine. The danger is not to be denied or covered over.

Who is to tell when it is too late? The reality is that LaRouche’s dialogue of ideas has real feet, real resonance; and is on the scene. Three weeks of such unleashed activity could go a ways to honoring the 100th birthday of that patriotic genius, Lyndon LaRouche—and probably would do the world, as well, a world of good. In the spirit of Lincoln’s soldiers singing, “His truth is marching on,” it is up to LaRouche’s movement to rout the enemy.

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