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Approaching a Decision Point

July 31, 2022 (EIRNS)—Although the world breathed a sigh of temporary relief when Speaker Pelosi’s announced itinerary, published on Sunday, did not include Taiwan, the acceleration towards military conflict with Russia and China remains fully in play, at an accelerating tempo driven by the disintegration of the Western financial system, collapsing under the inherent contradictions of financial economics and the physical economic destruction wrought by sanctions and “green” policies. The growing tensions in northern Kosovo are further troubling clouds on the horizon.

History is advancing with a surging potential for the world to throw off the yoke of Anglo-American, IMF-World Bank-NATO financial and military dominance and establish a new paradigm of growth and development. The terror of “the powers that were” at such a prospect leads them to try, desperately, but unsuccessfully, to prevent even the discussion of opposing views.

The recent enemies list published by Ukraine’s Center for Combatting Disinformation is one example, as are the recent raids by the FBI against black groups under the guise of combatting Russian interference.

The contortions by which legacy media scribblers attempt to gloss over the redefinition of “recession” are another, paralleled by Wikipedia edits and social media “fact checks” to prevent anyone from even pointing this out.

But the U.S. is not in a recession—it is in a breakdown crisis!

Omnipresent Ukrainian flags, anti-human green policies, the introduction of deliberately, provocatively insane cultural dogmas—these are some of the tools used in an attempt to muddy the waters and prevent the needed solution.

That solution is the urgently needed summit of the nations of this world for a New Bretton Woods—to deliberate on the institutions and intents that must shape the Earth’s next fifty and more years. And it is essential that the United States, born in a revolutionary struggle against imperialism, and other NATO nations, be transformed to play a positive role in that endeavor, rather than marching into nuclear extinction.

This is today’s required mission impossible. Will you accept it?

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