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India Media Breaks Blackout of Schiller Institute, LaRouche Solution to World Crisis

Aug. 6, 2022 (EIRNS)—The Hindu, one of India’s leading “newspapers of record,” the second-largest circulation English-language paper in the country published daily since 1889, today reported on the Schiller Institute’s strategy for securing global peace and development, and how it grew out of decades of organizing by Lyndon and Helga LaRouche, including their many ties to India itself.

The headline on Kallol Bhattacherjee’s report on his interview with Schiller Institute founder Helga Zepp-LaRouche sums up that strategy: “Schiller Institute Calls for New Bretton Woods To End War, Economic Crisis.”

The accompanying photograph of the two LaRouches standing with Indian President Kocheril Raman Narayanan, taken when they met in December 2001 at his official residence, the Rashtrapati Bhavan, would further catch the attention of any reader of The Hindu.

The article opened:

“The global think tank, Schiller Institute, that recently hit the headlines for organizing an international conference on the Ukraine war and the economic crisis, was shaped by the ideas of the late American economist Lyndon LaRouche who witnessed the communal carnage in 1946 in Kolkata, said Mrs. Helga LaRouche, who started the Institute in 1984. In a telephonic interview with The Hindu, Mrs. LaRouche said her late husband served as an American soldier in the China-India-Myanmar theater during the World War II, and that his ideas against British imperialism were shaped at that time and through interactions with a long line of Indian leaders that included Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.”

The interview provided a broad sweep of the fight for the new international economic order which Lyndon and Helga LaRouche had fought starting in the aftermath of the 1971 “Nixon shock” against the dollar, down to today, when the neoliberal system faces “blow out” and the threat that the “interventionist wars” which began with Bush can now lead to global war. Bhattacherjee left his readers with this final warning from Helga: “If we don’t get the United States and Europe onto a new track, toward a new system [New Bretton Woods], the war danger only worsens.”

The interview constitutes a major break in the “Global NATO” narrative on war and economic policy in one of the Four Powers which Lyndon LaRouche argued would have the power, if they unite, to create the New Bretton Woods that must replace the dying, oligarchic system.

Ironically, the interview came about because of Global NATO’s desperate move to deploy its asset, the Ukrainian National Security Council’s Center for Countering Disinformation (CCD), to target the Schiller Institute, Zepp-LaRouche personally, and other prominent international figures who do not repeat the “narrative” on NATO’s war policy around Ukraine. Three of the figures named on the Ukrainian blacklist are prominent Indians, including the Chairperson of India’s National Security Advisory Board, P.S. Raghavan, a matter that has been published by various Indian media, including The Hindu.

The Global NATO “thought police” move is backfiring. The Hindu reported in a separate article that India-Ukraine relations could be affected by its threats to impose sanctions on those it targets as “Russian propagandists.” The head of the Danish Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee has sent a letter to the Danish Foreign Minister formally raising questions about the Ukrainian government’s targeting of four Danish experts. Scott Ritter, another of the individuals on the CCD hit list, has forcefully put the issue on the U.S. political agenda, pointing to the Constitutional questions raised by the targeting of Sen. Rand Paul and LaRouche candidate Diane Sare, contending for Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s seat, on the same hit list.

More voices must be raised! The Hindu reporter simply did what honest journalists used to do as a matter of course: when some important scandal breaks out, they called up the source to find out what’s up, what the issues are, and then publish it, Zepp-LaRouche pointed out today.

Zepp-LaRouche cut to the chase: Without a New Bretton Woods, we are heading towards nuclear war. People in Europe and the United States insist “we don’t have the power to do that, to change the system!” But China and Russia are doing it!

Lyndon LaRouche addressed that same critical issue—“the power to do that”—in a June 11, 2002 speech to a conference sponsored for him by the Alumni Association of the Superior War College (ADESG) of Brazil and Executive Intelligence Review, in São Paulo, Brazil. LaRouche’s topic was “The Global Systemic Crisis and the End of ‘Free Trade.’ ” He argued:

“We are now at a point that the existing definitions, axioms, and postulates of the system which has increasingly ruled the entire world, for the past 35 years, have now demonstrated themselves to be a catastrophic failure....

“What’s the solution? ... the problem today is denial. People are afraid. They’re afraid of power. They’re afraid of the power of the IMF. They’re afraid of the power of the United States. And therefore, they say, we have to play by the generally accepted rules among the nations of the IMF and by the United States. Therefore, when you try to solve a problem, you say, ‘We have to find a solution within the rules! You can’t violate the rules. You’ve got to find an alternative, within the rules.’ But what I’ve indicated to you, there are no solutions within the rules!...

“We are in a decadent culture, a decadent system, which is destroying us! And you’re not going to find solutions in a system, which has shown that the definitions, axioms, and postulates of the system ensure destruction! But people say, ‘But you’ve got to go by the rules!’ What are the rules? The rules are precisely the axioms, the definitions, the postulates which have destroyed us!

“Why can’t we change the rules? Aren’t we human beings? Don’t we represent nations which have the— Read ... the first chapter of Genesis: Are man and woman not made equally in the image of the Creator of the Universe, and endowed with these powers? Do not we have the authority, above anything on this planet, to change the rules? We have the power. That’s what sovereignty means. Sovereignty means the power to make the rules by means of which we can survive. That doesn’t mean we can make any rules we want to. It means we have to have responsibility and competence; but we have the right to deliberate.

“The United States Constitution has actually two principles in it. One is, sovereignty. The President of the United States ... has, under our Constitution, the responsibility to defend the sovereignty of the United States.... His second obligation ... is to defend and promote the general welfare of present and future generations. All the rest of the Constitution is relatively unimportant, compared to these two things in the Preamble, these two principles.

“I’m sure that in Brazil, that’s the same law, the minds and the conscience of all patriots. The government must take the responsibility, for defense of the sovereignty of the nation, and the promotion of the general welfare of its people, for the present and future generations. And when governments deliberate, as the United States and Brazil should deliberate, and Argentina should deliberate: isn’t the responsibility, then, to come to a rational appreciation of what God intended us to discover, by the powers of reason which we’re endowed with? And from the experience we have? And then to make the rules, which supersede the rules which have failed.”

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