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Dutch Farmers with Their Backs Against the Wall

Aug. 20, 2022 (EIRNS) Faced with the threat of outright losing 11,200 farms, plus a savage reduction of livestock for an additional 17,600 farmers, Dutch farmers have been boiling over in revolts, which bodes ill for the ruling coalition government. Current opinion polls indicate strong political support for the farmers, with BoerBurgerBeweging (Farmer-Citizen Movement, or BBB), which currently has only one MP, Caroline van der Plas, but would take joint second place nationally according to polls, skyrocketing from 1 to 17 seats, while Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s seats would drop from 34 to 21, and their D66 coalition partner from 24 to 11.

MP van der Plas has been forced to withdraw from all public appearances since the end of July because of death threats and hate mail. Describing herself as “not a fire-starter,” she does not approve of the farmers’ disruptive protests on highways but supports all actions within the law. “I understand farmers’ emotions, and I support their battle.”

Prime Minister Rutte accused farmers of “unacceptable” and “life-threatening” behaviors, while the leader of the pro-EU D66, Jan Paternotte, called the protesters “terrorists.”

The Netherlands, with 238 cows per sq. mile, compared to 100 in the U.K. or 80 in Germany, is the largest exporter of meat in Europe, and the second only to the U.S. in world food exports. Farmers have made certain concessions—they have doubled yields using the same amount of fertilizer, and reduced ammonia output; but now the Schachtians from the World Economic Forum and Davos billionaires are at the door, and about to turn them out of house and home, like the infamous British clearances against the Irish and Scots. Those who did not go “voluntarily” were murdered, starved in famines by the millions, forced to emigrate, or deported to prison colonies like Australia.

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