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Czech Defense Minister Supports Terrorism

Aug. 25, 2022 (EIRNS)—Czech Defense Minster Jana Černochová tweeted on Aug. 21 that she did not feel sorry over the Aug. 20 assassination of Russian journalist Darya Dugina, or for her father Alexander Dugin, but for the thousands murdered as a result of their propaganda. Russia’s Ambassador to the United Nations Vassily Nebenzia responded on Aug. 23, stating, “Even if we leave aside morality, which has long since been replaced by Russophobia among our Western colleagues, Černochová’s statements are, at their core, open support and celebration of a terrorist attack against one of our citizens,” according to a story today in Euractiv by Czech writer Ondřej Plevák.

Czech News Agency (CTK) reports that Prime Minister Petr Fiala reacted to Nebenzia. Fiala stated through his spokesperson, that “accusing Jana Černochová of supporting terrorism by any representative of the Russian Federation, which is committing war crimes in Ukraine, cannot be considered anything other than an expression of supreme cynicism,” reports Euractiv.

According to TASS, today, a Ukrainian citizen identified as Yevgeny Karpenko, who was working in the Czech Republic, told Donetsk Security that “he was recruited by the Ukrainian special services, after which he was trained by the Czech and Ukrainian instructors in fire and explosive ordnance training. He was instructed to carry out an act of terrorism at the time of the [Donetsk] referendum on the republic's joining in the Russian Federation. The D.P.R. authorities sent the Russian Foreign Ministry information about the Czech participation in the preparation of a terrorist act on the D.P.R. territory on the day of the referendum.” The date of the referendum has not yet been announced, except that it will take place after hostilities in Donbass end.

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