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British Intelligence Focuses Its Fire on Russian Economist Glazyev

Aug. 29, 2022 (EIRNS)—Several British media—The Sun, Newsday Express, Daily Star and Daily Nation Today—came out this past weekend with a new version of the narrative of a “coup in the making against Putin,” this one targeting prominent Russian economist Sergey Glazyev as supposedly the prime candidate to lead this fantasized coup. The headline on the “exclusive” in The Sun kicking off this campaign on Aug. 27, captures the gutter-level character of the smear: “THE NEXT PUTIN: How Vladimir Putin could be ousted & replaced by ‘lunatic’ successor ‘obsessed with NUKING the West.’ ”

This is not “news,” just obvious psywar. Former MI6 Chief and Russophobe Richard Dearlove, infamous for his directing role in the “Russiagate” hoax against President Donald Trump, has been insisting that Russian President Putin is about to die of an unknown illness or be overthrown, every month since May in his One Decision podcasts, according to an August 11 Newsweek story.

New in this British intelligence get-Putin campaign, is the targeting of Glazyev as the man out to replace Putin. Currently serving as Minister in Charge of Integration and Macroeconomics in the Eurasian Economic Commission, Glazyev is in the thick of the intense policy discussions taking place within Russia, and within all of Eurasia and the reset of Global South, on how to bring about a new international economic and financial system which fosters economic development and crushes the speculators. In the process, his credibility and influence has extended far outside Russia.

None of that is mentioned in this round of attacks. He is called “Putin’s top economic adviser” (not true), “more mentally unstable and fascist than Putin,” “lunatic,” an advocate of “nuking the whole West,” a spreader of “anti-Semitic propaganda” (a lie the U.S. State Department also promoted last July), etc. The closest any of the press assault came to reality, was the Daily Nation’s report that Glazyev published a book in English in 1999 titled Genocide: Russia and the New World Order (not mentioned was that EIR published the English translation of that scathing attack on the Malthusian policies which came close to destroying Russia), and that he has been warning since 2015 of a possible war between Russia and the U.S. stemming from accelerating U.S. collapse.

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