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Global NATO Tries To Dictate: You Can’t Discuss the Reasons for the Crisis; You Can’t Discuss the Reasons for the War

Aug. 29, 2022 (EIRNS)—One after the other, Western “leaders” are telling their citizens that not just perpetual war to defend their “values,” but fascist economic austerity is the order of the day. So learn to live with it. Not for one winter, either, but for years to come.

“We must be transparent: the coming months will be difficult; the coming winters will be difficult; the next five to ten winters will be difficult,” Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo announced on the national broadcast channel, VRT, on Aug. 24. That was the day that next-day electricity futures prices passed €400-600, with Germany the highest.

Likewise, and on the same day, French President Emmanuel Macron advised his Cabinet ministers that the “age of abundance” has ended. Government and economy must be shaped to conform to the end “of endless cash flow ... of an abundance of products and technology ... [of] abundance of land and of resources, and that of water as well,” he told them. Living standards and human economic activity are to be sacrificed on the altar of Malthusianism and “climate change.”

Two days later, U.S. Fed Chairman Jerome Powell delivered the same message to the American people, here on the pretext of “reducing inflation.” Expect “pain,” and lots of it, he said, invoking the brutal austerity policy imposed through usurious interest rates of up to 20% by his 1979-2005 predecessor at the Fed, Paul Volcker.

Such policies of fascist austerity, which will drive billions into misery and other billions into their graves, cannot be imposed “democratically,” and these leaders know it. Social ferment has only begun, but it will explode, no matter how these governments attempt to criminalize protest.

So, the would-be world government being assembled under Global NATO’s umbrella is issuing assassination hitlists against prominent world figures, thinkers and policymakers, for the crime of refusing to repeat the “narrative” of war, austerity, and denigration of human beings.

But they lie when they say their policies of austerity and war are “necessary,” “inevitable.” It is only “necessary,” “inevitable,” under the failed system of the financiers and oligarchs, the “Golden Billion.” History has proven time and again, that the oligarchic assumption, that ultimately all but a few human beings submit in the face of pain and force, and they can simply assassinate the few who refuse, is wrong.

Schiller Institute founder and leader, Helga Zepp-LaRouche, high on Global NATO’s hitlist, has called for the greatest worldwide mobilization ever to defeat these fascist policies. We must make the population at large aware of the significance of this monstrous attempt to impose fascist economic policies through hitlists, she told a planning meeting of associates of the LaRouche movement around the world today. She delivered a tough message, to give confidence to moral people around the world to step up:

“We have to find people who understand that, in a moment of breakdown crisis of the financial system, which is the result of a neo-liberal, flawed system which Lyndon LaRouche warned about for 51 years, which has favored speculation over real production for decades, and more recently, since 2008, has maintained and prolonged the life expectancy of a totally bankrupt system by pumping trillions of dollars and euros and whatnot into the system, and that is now exploding as hyperinflation. In addition, there is what the former President of the Czech Republic Vaclav Klaus correctly called the results of the ‘Great Reset’ and ‘the green delirium,’ that has hyperinflation is now hitting.

“And if you cannot discuss that, and you cannot discuss the New Bretton Woods as an alternative, and you cannot discuss anything which would be something to eliminate the reasons for the war danger ... democracy is out the window. You cannot discuss the reasons for the crisis; and you cannot discuss the reasons for the war.”

As for the question of the war danger:

“Look, we don’t need Putin to have an intelligence evaluation of why we are at the edge of the abyss of World War III. We have been in the middle of that issue basically because Lyndon LaRouche had a forecast about the collapse of the Soviet Union five years before it happened. We had an analysis that German reunification would come one year before it happened. We were the only ones who were out there with a leaflet on Nov. 15, 1989 proposing what eventually became the Productive Triangle policy; which then when the Soviet Union collapsed, we had on the table as the Eurasian Land-Bridge policy, as a war avoidance policy. And it was us pushing our program which gave us the intelligence; it was not some tea-leaf reading of Russian media or having some Russian influencer who would whisper in our ear.

“We made the intelligence ourselves, because we had a conception of how to use the historical opportunity of 1989 and how to use the possibility for a peace order in 1991 after the collapse of the Soviet Union. And all the intelligence, or the vast majority of it, that we got about the whole world was by pushing the ‘New Silk Road Becomes the World Land-Bridge’ policy.

“So people should really spare us this nonsense that we are repeating Putin’s propaganda, because we have our own policy, and that policy is now the policy of the majority of the nations of the world.”

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