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Achieving Victory on the Battlefield of Immortality

Sept. 2, 2022 (EIRNS)—“The awful Shadow of the unseen power of universal history, floats, though unseen, among us.”

The assassin walked up, took aim and pulled the trigger. Nothing. He pulled the trigger again. Nothing. The former President, now Vice-President, was unhurt. “I have stared into the face of Death, and Death has turned his face away from mine.” Had a miracle occurred?

The shocked nation for a moment stood still. Did the people sleep through the night, or did the nation dream of what it might be, once again? Did it remember itself throughout the night? The next day, people gathered all over Argentina by the tens of thousands. A million gathered in Buenos Aires. The talk was of unity against the madness of political violence. Something more than the life of the Vice-President, so surely about to be lost only hours earlier, had not only been saved; a nation’s optimism had suddenly, “in a twinkling of an eye,” been re-born.

There had been a time, only seven years earlier, when then-President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner had declared, to “All of us, Argentine workers, who are now celebrating together with our fellow countrymen and countrywomen this historical landmark ... the full incorporation into the Argentine Energy System of the Third Argentine Nuclear Power Plant ... I want to say that all the work for this nuclear plant was done by Argentine people, Argentine brains, Argentine labor, because, you know something? We, the Argentine people, have begun once again to go down a path that we had abandoned....” She then recalled her deceased husband, Nestor Kirchner, also the President of Argentina from 2003-2007. Cristina Fernández de Kirchner had succeeded him to govern the nation for eight years. “Today, we are reclaiming that role by fully opening this plant but, mainly, as a result of the decision made by President Nestor Kirchner in 2004, when he launched the Argentine Nuclear Program, which ensured the continuation of this plant, Atucha II....”

The moment of human optimism alive in Argentina today, is also alive, if dormant, not only elsewhere, but everywhere. China has it. Russia has it. India has it. All those that other nations view as adversaries, have it, as do they. The Argentine case forcefully proves, moreover, that optimism abides, as a potential, in even the most lethal and tragic of immediate futures, such as our own. Optimism is universal. This, as an actualized potential, can be the future of the world tomorrow, but only if a Gideon’s army of philosophers, “lovers of wisdom,” deploys into this moment with the greatest energy to mobilize the better angels of the nature of the human race. This means a return to technological optimism, and the creation of a world economic platform deploying James Webb Telescope-caliber technologies, such as laser machine-tools, into the workplaces of the United States, China, Russia, India, and South Africa, among other nations. That has been the task and purpose of the Schiller Institute conferences on creating a New World Security and Development Architecture, including the upcoming conference of Saturday, September 10, and Sunday, September 11.

This Gideon’s army’s military manuals were written by poets—Dante, and Shakespeare, and Schiller, and Tagore. Imagination is the weapon of choice for this army, to inspire others to inspire humanity as a whole, that we may not only survive this, the greatest crisis in all world history, but prosper as we resolve it. This new army of thinkers must, to win its own impending Battle of Marathon with today’s “Great Reset” modern-day Persian host, use methods opposite to those of the dying Anglosphere—famine, war, pandemics, and the pestilence of usury, the pestilence of cultural pessimism. The presentation, “Gandhi’s Vision for a New Paradigm in International Relations, a World Health System, and Direct Non-Violent Action in Times of Social Breakdown,” composed by Helga Zepp-LaRouche, and Lyndon LaRouche’s Four Laws are excellent short presentations of that alternate method of warfare employed by the Schiller Institute’s proposed Gideon’s army.

Lyndon LaRouche once said, in his 1983

“The Implications of Beam-Weapon Technology for the Military Doctrine of Argentina”: “It is a poor army which limits its qualifications to mastery of battle tactics. That qualification is indispensable, but deep mastery of philosophy pertaining to warfare is of even greater importance. The necessary philosophy of warfare is necessary for all soldiers; it must be developed to a cutting edge in the officer corps, and above all, prized the more greatly the greater the officer’s responsibility of command. Since the word ‘philosophy’ is usually greatly misinterpreted in these times, let us speak, instead, of wisdom....

“It is essential, in such connections, to examine the content of wisdom on two levels; firstly, a sense of the enduring benefit of an individual’s life, as a practical benefit to mankind, to one society; secondly, the moral significance of the practical benefit.... The first, the practical side of the matter, is necessarily best examined from the vantage point of economic science, the vantage point of Gottfried Leibniz’s, original establishment of economic science, and the elaboration of that science in the form of both the American system of political economy and the governing principles of all of the work of the French military command and Ecole Polytechnique upon the leadership of Lazare Carnot.”

LaRouche proposed that the American intelligence services should be organized to reflect this view, and abandon the unprincipled deployment of assassin teams, such as Barack Obama’s weekly drone kill lists, or the multiple layers of anti-Constitutional corruption exemplified by “Vice” President Dick Cheney.

The fact that the assassin in Argentina wore a tattoo at his elbow of the Azov Battalion insignia demonstrates the global significance of our battle to shut down the Ukrainian Center for Countering Disinformation and other “blacklisting” operations, as well as their sponsors in NATO, the United States State Department, and British intelligence, the latter an extension of the City of London and its Wall Street appendage. This next ten-day period, beginning with the September 7 press conference convened by Executive Intelligence Review which has just released the investigative report “Ukraine’s ‘Information Terrorist’ Blacklist: ‘Global NATO’ Issues Hit Order Against Advocates of Peace,” followed by the September 8 all-day celebration of the centennial of the birth of Lyndon LaRouche, and the September 10/11 conference, will allow us to take a major step forward in the civilizational battle.

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