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Kiev Regime’s ‘Counter Disinformation’ Thugs Step Up Targetting of Scott Ritter

Sept. 5, 2022 (EIRNS)—Ukraine’s State Department- and NATO-directed Center for Countering Disinformation (CCD) issued two new notices in the past five days again fingering former U.S. Marines arms inspector Scott Ritter as a “Russian propagandist” obstructing the war against Russia. Ritter was included on the infamous target list published by the CCD on July 14th against 72 prominent voices speaking out for peace internationally.

Clearly driving the new attacks is the growing concern of the CCD and its foreign controllers that Scott Ritter along with others on that list are not only refusing to cower in the face of these threats, but have been collaborating among each other. They are demanding that foreign backing for the CCD be terminated immediately, including by holding a press conference to expose this operation on Sept. 7, which EIR is hosting.

On Sept. 1, the CCD posted a note on its Telegram channels which singled out Ritter, as an example of “How the Distorting Mirror of Russian Propaganda Works.” On Sept. 4, it again named Ritter in its “Experts of the Week” post, targetting him there for implying “the lack of support for Ukraine in the U.S.,” and linking to its Sept. 1 post.

The Orwellian mentality of the CCD operation is impressive. The CCD charges Russia “is trying to create the illusion of a lack of support for Ukraine in the United States,” by using statements of “individual foreign speakers” such as Ritter. CCD alleges that Ritter says Biden is misinformed that U.S. aid to Ukraine won’t help it in its war with Russia, whereas Putin is being misinformed about Russian victories on the battlefield! And German media such as Die Welt and Tagesschau are retailing the Russian lines, in stories that imply that there is “no support for anti-Russian sanctions among the German population due to high energy tariffs,” or that “German youth seemed to blame Ukraine for the full-scale war.”

With a red exclamation mark, the CCD protests: “All these manipulations of public opinion polls indicate that russia [sic] is trying to create the illusion of a stalemate for Ukraine in this war and force Ukraine to negotiate” (lower-case spelling in original).

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