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Multiplying Coverage of EIR Press Conference on Ukraine Hit List

Sept. 9, 2022 (EIRNS)—Views of the Sept. 7 broadcast of EIR’s nearly three-hour press conference, exposing the Congressionally funded, State Department-backed Ukrainian hit list, including several Americans, some of them candidates for federal office, which has been posted to various sites are mounting. As of late afternoon Sept. 9, the numbers monitored were on Scott Ritter’s Telegram channel: 28,000; Consortium News’ (unlisted) site 5,500; Diane Sare’s Facebook: 30,000; Jose Vega’s Facebook: 7,000. The LaRouche Organization YouTube posting itself had over 1,600 views, and there were 500 views on a YouTube channel called PolitiCrooks. Mira Terada also posted her presentation to the conference on VK, which is the Russian equivalent of Facebook. Dragana Trifkovic posted her speech on Twitter, which has 4,000 views.

Journalist Deborah Armstrong posted a lengthy, detailed and hard-hitting article on the EIR press conference, where she had asked a question. She titled it “Prominent American Names Added to Ukrainian Kill List; Pressure Mounts To Shut Down ‘Mirotvorets’ Database,” and embeds the TLO posting of the video of the conference, and the links to EIR’s dossier on the CCD and Myrotvorets, as well as doing her own write-up. (She erroneously reports near the end that Americans have been taken off the Myrotvorets site):

Germany’s RT DE news (in German) host produced a good four-minute story in German on the press conference. The host introduces short clips from the conference of Col. Richard Black (ret.), Scott Ritter, Clifford Kiracofe, Dragana Trifkovic, and U.S. candidates Geoff Young (Kentucky’s 6 CD), and Diane Sare (U.S. Senate from New York), asking:

“What unites a former U.S. Marine, a candidate for a senatorial post, and a British musician? They were all declared enemies of Ukraine by the Ukrainian website ‘Myrotvorets.’ The reason: they criticized their governments for supporting Ukraine. In Ukraine, people are currently targeting the opposition in the West. In order to consult, politicians, activists and journalists who are on the blacklist of ‘Myrotvorets’ have now met for a Zoom conference. It was also about the possible role that the United States could play in the actions of ‘Myrotvorets.’ ”

Following the clips, the host zeroed in on how dangerous this blacklist operation is. Participants demand that the Myrotvorets list be shut down, he reported, and accuse Ukraine of hunting down the international opposition, while holding their own governments responsible for financing the Kiev military machine. “Being on the Myrotvorets list is highly dangerous. Quite a few whose names are on the list have already been murdered. Others receive death threats,” he noted, citing the most recent, Aug. 20 case of Dugina and journalist Oles Buzina, who was blacklisted by Myrotvorets and shot dead in 2015. A 55-second clip from Ritter explaining why he believes the U.S. may be involved in this enormous pressure on critics of the Kiev regime around the world closes the program.

As for Spanish-language coverage, the head of the Mexican Journalist Club, Celeste Sáenz issued a tweet promoting the link to the full press conference in Spanish translation, with her message: ¡Must See! Crucial FIND OUT. What is behind the shadows of propaganda and lies? See important people explain that. From the cradle of terrorism, fascist orchestration against FREEDOM of thought and speech.

The Christian Democratic Party of Peru posted a link to EIR Español’s as well as the Spanish translation of the entire press conference on its page.

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