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Helga Zepp-LaRouche Keynotes Schiller Conference, Proving ‘Man Is Greater Than His Destiny’

Sept. 10, 2022 (EIRNS)—The following in an excerpt of the keynote remarks by Helga Zepp-LaRouche, founder of the Schiller Institute, at today’s Schiller Institute conference: “How To Inspire Humanity To Survive the Greatest Crisis in World History:”

Helga Zepp- LaRouche: I want to speak about the subject that universal history must not end in a tragedy. Who wants to deny the fact that we are faced with the most dangerous moment ever in history? Let me say this forcefully from the beginning, this multi-faceted, unprecedented crisis is entirely the result of wrong policies, and therefore it can be corrected. That is, if the political will to do so exists. To mobilize that political will is what this conference, which commemorates the 100th birthday of my late husband, Lyndon LaRouche, is all about.

We face the acute danger of the strategic situation spinning out of control, leading to a thermonuclear World War III. A situation, if it comes to that, would lead to the annihilation of mankind, a nuclear winter, and there would not even be an historian left to study the reasons why it occurred.... The question is, when is the red line crossed, and when will we have a full-fledged war between Russia and NATO?

Then, in addition, the financial system of the trans-Atlantic world is hopelessly bankrupt. It’s about to go through either a hyperinflationary blow-out like Weimar Germany in 1923, only this time it would be not one country but the entire so-called West. Or, we could experience very shortly ahead, a chain-reaction crash triggered by the related increase to the interest rates through the central banks.... If you impose that now in the already completely bankrupt situation of many over-indebted firms, already capital flight out of the emerging markets, this could trigger a prolonged plunge into a dark age in every country dependent on the trans-Atlantic financial system. If we would have such a collapse, it would naturally increase the war danger instantly. We already have a world famine. Already now there are 1.7 billion people in danger of starvation. According to the United Nations, each day 25,000 people die of hunger completely unnecessarily. Obviously, if there would be a crash, it would lead to the death of hundreds of millions, if not billions of people....

There will be mass bankruptcies, mass unemployment, emergencies, black-outs....

Officially, we have a strategic situation where the rules-based order of the “democracies” of the West are against the nefarious “autocracies” and “dictatorships” of Russia and China. In reality, the situation is a mirror image. The countries of Asia, led by the rise of China, the BRICS, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, and much of the Global South, are building a new economic system with the aim to overcome poverty and have real economic development. There is a renaissance of the Bandung Spirit, the revival of the Non-Aligned Movement. What these countries are absolutely determined about this time is to end colonialism, for good. The colonialism which officially does not exist, but which came along in new clothes. They want to implement this time for sure the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence.

Let’s take a look. What is actually the state of affairs in the so-called West? There is no democracy anymore.... Democracy—which a while ago, one would assume includes the right of free speech—the idea that a democratic multitude of viewpoints could be exchanged—that idea is completely gone. There is no more knowable truth, which one can find out at least in approximation for example through Socratic dialogue. Instead, one can only accept the one narrative. And much of so-called politics going on these days is the absolute attempt to have dictatorial control over that narrative.

You have right now in most of the Western European and American countries—Britain for sure—a Gleichschaltung, a lockstep in the mainstream media, which makes Goebbels turn pale with envy. You have an atmosphere of McCarthyism; you have a digitalized Gestapo. And during the last months, dozens of people told me privately that they are afraid to speak their mind, even in private circles, because they fear to be ostracized. I want to say this for the record. We don’t need Russian analysis to come to our conclusions. We have an international private news service, Executive Intelligence Review, which was created by Lyndon LaRouche in 1974.... We are not gathering intelligence by reading newspaper clips, but by educating our own policies, and then we evaluate the reactions and come to the conclusions and analyze what that means.

We know the prehistory of Feb. 23rd [the Russian military move into Ukraine], because we are part of it. Even before the Berlin Wall came down, LaRouche had forecast the collapse of the Soviet Union absolutely correctly in 1984, when he said that if the Soviet Union would continue their then-existing policies of rejecting cooperation with Reagan on the SDI, of sticking to the Ogarkov Plan, then they would collapse in five years. That is exactly what happened. We put out the answer to that—the Paris-Berlin-Vienna Productive Triangle. And when the Soviet Union collapsed, we proposed to connect Europe and Asia through economic development corridors. We called that the Eurasian Land-Bridge. It was our idea of a peace order for the 21st century. The Eurasian Land-Bridge then became the World Land-Bridge, which is still our present policy.

It would have been in the self-interest of all countries to realize that proposal. We know that it was rejected for geopolitical reasons by Thatcher, Bush, Sr., and Mitterrand, because at that point it was the policy of these countries to have the former superpower Soviet Union turn into a Russia which would just be degraded to be a raw material exporting Third World country. This was the idea in 1991 to eliminate a potential competitor on the world market, because it was considered that Russia would have more educated scientists and more raw materials....

But despite the fact that this policy was rejected at that time, we kept organizing for the Eurasian Land-Bridge on five continents. We held hundreds of conferences and seminars. From that standpoint we experienced and observed firsthand how the historic chance of 1989 was lost.... We observed firsthand, by organizing for the Productive Triangle and the Eurasian Land-Bridge, how in the Yeltsin years, the “shock therapy” reduced the Russian industrial potential between 1991 and 1994 to only 30%. The intention to ruin Russia was already there, and Yeltsin was the willing instrument of such policies.

After Putin came to power, the policies of color revolutions were implemented. The Orange Revolution in Ukraine in 2004; the Rose Revolution in Georgia; the White Revolution attempted in Russia; Yellow Revolution attempted in Hong Kong against China. In 1999, Blair instigated the policy of the “right to protect,” which was the idea to replace the Peace of Westphalia order and the UN Charter with the “rules-based order,” to give the basis for interventionist wars in Southwest Asia.

No, we are not repeating Russian propaganda. We are attempting to give history a better direction, and we saw who supported this proposal and who opposed it. Most importantly, we are not the Flat Earth people. We have a different method of thinking, which relates to the real physical universe of ideas; not opinions based on sense perception. That’s why we cannot be “nudged”—the term of Cass Sunstein—into believing what is the “allowed narrative.

LaRouche forecast in 1971, and this is probably the most important forecast ever made in history, that when Nixon introduced the floating exchange rates and cut the dollar from the gold standard, if the countries would continue with these monetarist policies, it would lead to a new depression, fascism, and a new world war. Or, we would have to have a completely new economic system. This was 51 years ago....

At each step, LaRouche not only made a brilliant analysis, but presented policy initiatives. He proposed the International Development Bank in 1975, which was the idea to replace the IMF with a development bank which would allow the massive development of the developing sector. He proposed to [Mexico’s] President José López Portillo Operation Juárez in 1982. He proposed the Strategic Defense Initiative, which was implemented by President Reagan on March 23, 1983. We developed programs for Africa, Latin America, Eurasia, the Middle East, the U.S. LaRouche was always working on the idea that to avoid plunging into a prolonged dark age, one had to get the institutions to reject and overturn the wrong assumptions of monetarism.

What is involved here is a fundamental difference in the methodology of thinking....

LaRouche knew all the essential representatives of the two opposing arguments, and he made it absolutely transparent, for anybody who wanted to know, why the elimination of creativity and the potential genius was so absolutely essential for the oligarchical class, for whom the evil Malthus was only a paid scribbler. So, it was clear that the common denominator between the outlook of the British East India Company, the controlled disintegration of the world economy of the Trilateral Commission, the Great Transformation of Hans Joachim Schellnhuber and the Great Reset of the World Economic Forum, is the same reductionist, empiricist, Malthusian ideology.

When China recognized its error that the assumption of limited resources of the planet was wrong, they changed the one-child policy, because they recognized that each additional child would contribute the potential of new creative discoveries, and they emphasized from there on the continuous need for innovation in the economy. Thus, the Chinese economy made a miracle which did not suffer economic cycles, because the continued increase in productivity eliminated the reasons for that. So, the rise of China is the result of a correct economic policy which echoes the theory of LaRouche, and the United States and Europe are collapsing because they prefer Malthus over LaRouche. The crisis in the West is entirely self-inflicted, and not the result of evil policies of Russia or China. The BRICS countries, the SCO which have their big summit on the 15th and 16th of September, just in a few days from now, in the ancient Silk Road city of Samarkand, Uzbekistan, many organizations of the Global South working on a new world economic order, reviving the tradition of the Non-Aligned Movement; all of these are aiming to end colonialism, overcome poverty and underdevelopment. The Belt and Road Initiative, the Global Development Initiative, and the Global Security Initiative which are proposed by China, are all concepts to overcome the geopolitical confrontation and create a platform for a shared future of mankind.

The United States and Europe, rather than trying to contain these developments, should rethink the reasons why we are in the mess we are in. And we should join with these countries in a New Paradigm of international relations based on the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence and the UN Charter. We are not only going into a hot autumn and winter, but what in all likelihood will be the collapse of the entire system. This is why the Schiller Institute has put the need for a New Paradigm, a new security and development architecture, on the table.

So, with Friedrich Schiller, we can say, “Man is greater than his destiny,” provided however if we follow the advice of López Portillo and “Listen to the wise words of Lyndon LaRouche.” Thank you.

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