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Panel 2: ‘Defend the Right to Deliberate! Speak Out Against Blacklists and the Suppression of the Search for Truth’

Sept. 11, 2022 (EIRNS)—The second panel was moderated by Schiller Institute spokesman Harley Schlanger, who himself is on the evil Ukrainian Myrotvorets kill list, and was devoted to exposing how Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council and its subsidiary Center for Countering Disinformation (CCD), as well as the infamous Myrotvorets Center website, with massive funding and support from the United States, EU and NATO, are being used to silence and even murder those who express views contrary to the Western “narrative” regarding the war in Ukraine. The first 31 people of the 72 on the CCD list are members or friends of the Schiller Institute, who have spoken at Schiller Institute conferences promoting peace through dialogue and economic development. Closely tied to the CCD is the Myrotvorets Center, run by Ukrainian Nazis, which maintains an online database that can only be characterized as a kill list with the personal information of thousands of people including journalists, children, celebrities, politicians and others. Helga Zepp-LaRouche herself, chairwoman of the Schiller Institute, is on the kill list. Many people on the list have been brutally murdered with their Myrotvorets profile picture subsequently updated by a large red slash through their portrait reading “liquidated.”

Schlanger began the panel by asserting that truth is often the first casualty of war. Well before Russia’s special military operation, the Russian government had been seeking security guarantees from the West. These efforts were sabotaged by NATO. Once the military operation began, with the West arming and financing Ukraine, U.S. Defense Secretary Austin stated that the intention of the West was to use the war to weaken Russia. People opposed to the war are put on the CCD and/or the Myrotvorets kill list. Schlanger described the extraordinary Executive Intelligence Review press conference held on Sept. 7 exposing Myrotvorets and CCD. He also made it clear that the intention of the Schiller Institute is to shut Myrotvorets and the CCD down.

Diane Sare keynoted the panel. Sare, a LaRouche independent candidate for U.S. Senator from New York, titled her presentation “The Best of All Possible Worlds.” She began by describing how British-style divide-and-conquer methods are used by the ruling elites to turn people targeted for subjugation or elimination against each other. She pointed to Biden’s recent speech in which he asserted that 74 million Americans who voted for Donald Trump in 2020 were “enemies of the state.” People are programmed not to talk to others who have a different opinion on some “issue.” However, can civilization survive, if people are unwilling to examine their own axioms of thought and determine if what they believe is truthful?

Sare made the point that the American people have brought the current disastrous policies that have led to the current state of economic misery down on their own heads. She used the example of Lyndon LaRouche who prophetically warned about the economic collapse and threat of fascism, but at the same time proposed solutions that would reverse the crisis. The “Anglo-Dutch liberal cabal,” seeing LaRouche as a threat to their power because of his ideas, tried to kill him, shut down his publications which had hundreds of thousands of subscribers, and ran a massive smear campaign to defame him, and ultimately put him in prison. The majority of Americans accepted the lies and as a result allowed their own minds to be imprisoned.

The growing horrors of war, mass starvation and hyperinflation threatening the lives of billions is a direct result of people going along with the policies of our degenerated government. However, today, importantly, President Putin of Russia and President Xi of China are collaborating to create a new economic order based on human dignity, development and scientific progress. The more the U.S. tries to isolate this new economic order, the more it isolates itself. The purpose of the kill list is to silence people through fear, by labeling those who stand for truth as “information terrorists” or “political extremists” or “insurrectionists.” The reason the Russian soldiers have such high morale and the young people of Iraq and Yemen are so optimistic is they have hope for a better future. The reason Americans are so pessimistic is because we are on the wrong side of history and have abandoned the principles which at one time inspired the whole world. Sare expressed that her greatest fear is not that the “sadistic genocidal perverts” will be successful in their schemes of global dictatorship, because they won’t be, but that when their system collapses, will we be sane enough to work with Russia and China, or will we go into a new dark age from which civilization never recovers? This is why the censorship must be ended, and in the year of his centenary LaRouche must be exonerated.

The next speaker was Gretchen Small of Executive Intelligence Review, one of the leaders of a special investigative task force recently producing two crucial reports: “Kiev’s ‘Info Terrorist’ List: ‘Global NATO’ Issues Hit on Advocates of Peace” and “Ukraine’s Deathlist Database: myrotvorets.center.” Her presentation was primarily a synopsis of the two reports, which we highly recommend be read in full. Small explained that the CCD was formed in April 202, well before the Russian “special military operation,” and is a proxy used by the U.S., EU and NATO to target people internationally as “information terrorists,” who dare to deviate from the Western “narrative.” If people conducting a dialogue on peace are targeted as “information terrorists,” as in the case of the Schiller Institute, this goes way beyond George Orwell’s novel 1984.

Col. Richard H. Black (ret.) titled his presentation “Forbid Unlawful Efforts To Silence American Citizens.” He expressed outrage that appropriations by the U.S. Congress are being used to finance a foreign entity, Ukraine’s CCD, to suppress freedom of speech here in the United States. He described how the outrage and backlash from the American people succeeded in temporarily shutting down the Department of Homeland Security’s “Disinformation Governance Board,” which was to be headed by the clownish and narcissistic Nina Jankowicz. The obvious purpose of the Board was political censorship. However, the Biden administration, with support from Congress, simply exported that function to Ukraine. The CCD has been used to target people here in the United States with sensible foreign views, including Sen. Rand Paul and former Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, as” information terrorists.” Colonel Black pointed to the assassination of journalist Darya Dugina who was blown up in Moscow by a bomb placed underneath her car on Aug. 20, and noted that the attempted assassin of Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner of Argentina appears to be a follower of the Nazi Azov Battalion in Ukraine.

Dr. George Koo, a business consultant who writes on U.S.-China relations, stated that he has never publicly spoken about the conflict in Ukraine being a “proxy war” against Russia, nor about the Ukrainian Nazi formations. His conclusion was that his presentations at Schiller Institute conferences advocating an end to the war through diplomacy must have been the trigger for his inclusion on the hit list. Although in one sense he was honored to be on the CCD list for his views on supporting an end to the war, he is also outraged that U.S. taxpayer money is being used in an attempt to silence his voice.

Jim Jatras, a former advisor to the Republican Senate leadership and foreign service officer, spoke on the topic of “Schiller Institute: Lighting Rod To Meet Perilous Times.” He began by stating that with the Biden administration, along with the Republican leadership, pushing global war, as well as Biden’s Labor Day speech labeling fully half of the American people as fascists and extremists, we are indeed in perilous times. U.S. support for the CCD in Ukraine is setting Americans up for violence. Jatras believes our intelligence agencies are complicit in supporting the CCD and Congress must shut this down. He expressed gratitude to Helga Zepp-LaRouche and the Schiller Institute for being the flagship and the lightning rod, fighting to make this happen.

David Pyne, Deputy Director of National Operations for the EMP Task Force on National and Homeland Security, titled his presentation “How Is Promoting a Realistic Peace Plan a War Crime?” He started by attacking President Biden for his “prime time tirade” against 74 million Americans labeling them as extremists and fascists. He also asked the question “why are efforts being made to silence voices against war?” Pyne recounted how he warned well in advance that if Ukraine did not declare neutrality, Russia would invade. After the military operation, he published a peace plan for which he was smeared by the Ukrainians as a paid propagandist of Russia and then put on the CCD blacklist. He received a deluge of hate emails filled with profanity for the “crime” of wanting to end the war through diplomacy so reconstruction of the country could begin. He believes that the Biden administration’s policy of providing Ukraine with long-range armaments is driving us towards nuclear war.

Igor Lopatonok, film director (“Ukraine on Fire” and “Revealing Ukraine”) and close friend of Oliver Stone, titled his presentation “Shut Down the Nazi Kill List, It Is Not Just in Ukraine.” Lopatonok began by discussing the 2014 Maidan coup and its aftermath. The Myrotvorets Center was established after the coup, along with three TV stations financed by George Soros, the Embassy of the Netherlands and other Western sources, to spread a pro-Western narrative. Nazi formations were also integrated into the Ukrainian Armed Forces and military operations were launched against the Donbas region where the majority of people were against the coup. Myrotvorets was used initially to target people in the Donbas, then anyone in Ukraine against the Nazi regime, and then the entire international community. There are 5,000 foreign journalists on the Myrotvorets kill list, many of whom have been killed. When Biden came into office, the situation escalated. Lopatonok himself has been on the kill list since 2019 and he is convinced that we must shut it down now or it will lead to a kill list here in the United States. We must call Myrotvorets what it is—Nazi.

Bradley Blankenship, a journalist who has written for RT, Xinhua, CGTN and other news agencies, believes he is the youngest person on the CCD blacklist. He grew up in northern Kentucky, the center of the opium epidemic. Earlier in his career he reported on the war in Syria and was attacked as being a paid agent of Hezbollah, and reported in Ecuador, where he was targeted by the Moreno government for exposing human rights violations. He is currently being targetted by the government of the Czech Republic, where he now resides, because he criticized tearing down the statue of a Soviet general who helped liberate Czechoslovakia from Nazi occupation. In the Czech Republic a person can be sent to prison for expressing pro-Russian views. Blankenship believes he was put on the CCD list because he said the Western sanctions against Russia are not working, Ukraine is a hotbed of right-wing extremism, and that Ukraine should negotiate a peace settlement. Knowing that the CCD is backed by the United States, he finds it difficult to feel any patriotism for his country.

Eva Bartlett, a Canadian journalist who has covered the war in Gaza, Syria, and Donbass, believes she was put on the Myrotvorets kill list because she covered the shelling of civilian targets in Donbass by the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Not only does this shelling continue, but the Donetsk region was recently bombarded with thousands of “petal mines” which are small explosive devices resembling children’s toys, which constitutes a war crime. She stated that Canada is infested with pro-Nazi Ukrainians, which makes her fearful that were she to return to her home country the government would do nothing to protect he. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation has labeled her as a Russian propagandist.

The last speaker was Mira Terada, head of the Moscow-based Foundation to Battle Injustice. She explained the efforts of the foundation to shut down the Myrotvorets website. The foundation has presented evidence to the UN, UN Security Council, UNICEF and other agencies regarding the crimes of Myrotvorets. Terada spoke about the large number of children on the list as well as journalists from 38 different countries. She believes that only through a joint effort of organizations, is it possible to win the fight to shut down Myrotvorets. The Foundation is currently circulating a statement for endorsement by the international community of journalists and will soon have an online petition available on their website.

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